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Book Reviews
by Andrea Garvey • Huntington

Aaron's Crossing
by Linda Alice Dewey
Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2006
A very "different" ghost story. Through the mediumship of Ms. Dewey, Aaron relates his story from an in-between world-no longer living in the physical body, but not yet having "gone to the light." Told from the point of view of first-hand experience as well as observer, Aaron's adventure reminds us of the importance of fulfilling our life's purpose. When we don't finish our unfinished business here, we do carry it beyond our current life and it stays with us until it is resolved.

Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene
by Ingrid Bauer
Plume/Penguin Group, 2006
In light of the environment and mother issues, Diaper Free "covers" both. We are reminded that being a mother is about being fully present and that the greatest gift you give your child is yourself; your body, your acceptance, your responsiveness, your time, your energy. Supported by an abundance of examples, we learn that "babies are aware of and can voluntarily learn to regulate their elimination needs from birth." The reduction of diapers, would take a huge load off the environment. Unfortunately, this aspect of parenting is not supported, rather the opposite is true as the diaper business is a multi-billion dollar industry and curiously, as this industry grew, the "appropriate" age for toilet training has extended. A book every new parent or those contemplating parenthood should read.

Beat Menopause Naturally and Get Fit for Midlife
by Maryon Stewart
Although I don't like to associate the word "Beat" with a natural bodily process, Beat Menopause Naturally is full of important and helpful information in the form of a detailed, interactive guidebook, DVD and test kit. Containing natural, holistic alternatives for treating the symptoms of menopause along with self-tests and healthful recipes, this user-friendly kit answers questions and eases fears associated with this change. Nicely presented, this kit makes a lovely gift.

It's Always Possible
by Kiran Bedi
Himalayan Institute Press, 2006
Receiving the post of Inspector General of Prisons in Dehli, India, Ms. Bedi engaged herself heart and soul in her work. Approaching the reprehensible prison conditions and lack of true reform from a spiritual perspective-spirituality not as inaction, but a dynamic spirituality-Ms. Bedi managed to transmute the prison system. She leads us to ask the question, do we want our prisons to be solely a place of punishment without reform? "Time-outs" without understanding or tools and skills for coping leads only to more time-outs. Inspiring and uplifting, this book clearly demonstrates how one person can truly make a difference.

Amazing Grace: A Triumph of the Soul
y Alissa Lukara
Silver Light Publications, 2007
Battling CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for over 12 years, Vita finally turns to an energy healer and during her first session, her repressed memories of sexual abuse (by her father) begin to surface. As the story unfolds, Vita shares her conflicts, confrontations and healings with a courageous honesty that brings a sense of awe of the human spirit. We cannot help but ask, "How could a child, or anyone, suffer like this and survive?" Vita not only survives, but also brings a message of hope, profound inspiration and ultimately forgiveness. Note: some sections are unpleasantly graphic.

Know Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Wholeness, Radiance & Supreme Confidence
by Barbara Rose, Ph.D.
The Rose Group
A compassionate guide and workbook to help you reclaim your vibrant, true self. The early chapters are divided into stages--Birth to Age Eight, The Preteen Years, etc, that discuss behaviors we may have adopted in the name of survival: forsaking truth in order to win approval and learning to stifle appropriate anger. Following, is an eye-opening chapter entitled "Abuse: How to Spot It, What to Do About It, How to Get Out of It." Barbara Rose's loving advice and encouragement emanate from a deeply spiritual place-- it's like talking to your closest friend who truly wants only the best for you. A wonderful book to assist any woman on her path towards healing.