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Creations Magazine

June/July 2007
Vol. 21• Issue #4


Talking Our Walk
by Neil & Andrea Garvey

The Daily Om: The Joyful Flow

That’s All the Lumber You Sent
by Jim Ryan

Real Men Go Vegetarian
by Michael Downey

Mass Media and Children
by Susan Usha Dermond

The Bridge of Choice
by Jared Rosen & David Rippe

Can You Stomach This?
by Jon Barron

Broccoli Robbed
by Dave Smith

Make Your Kitchen a Prosperity Magnet
by Melissa Cook

Seven Simple Laws of Prosperity
by Oreste J. D’Aversa

Heal Your Back and Your Golf Game
by Lenny Izzo

The Yin and Yang of Golf
by James Ragonnet

Exercise is for the Body, Mind and Spirit
by Daniel O’Rourke

Telling It Like It Is
by Jean-Claude Gerard Koven

Poetry & Art

Book Reviews

Real Men Cry
by Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

Huntington Arts Council: Bringing a Community Outdoors and Up Tone

The Secret Behind “The Secret”
by Tery Grant

How to Know God
by Deepak Chopra

TriYoga: Art and Science of Yogaflow®
by Kali Ray

Product Reviews
by Jeffrey Schiller

Music Reviews & More
by Mark Maxwell Abushady

by Sudhir