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Leaving the Tribe
by Moriah MarstonMassachussets


Excerpted from Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness

We all have to leave the tribe in order to discard obsolete ways of being, thinking, and feelingóeven loving. Do we, then, have to turn our back on all the key influences of our formation?

Although identified as distinct individuals, we may not realize the depth of the tribeís imprint on our psyches; it subliminally directs and shapes our lives. To leave the tribe, we must release attachment to the security of homogenized consciousness and forfeit the comfort zone of approval from others. We dare to be original and innovative and to voice our difference.

How many of us do things a certain way just because this is how it has always been done? We donít question the relevance of these customs which enslave us to life patterns and attitudes that may not reflect our individual truth. Deeply conditioned, it is difficult to register the level of self-betrayal that results from making choices within the narrow box of rote societal and familial grooves. How sad that the price of admission to the tribe is the loss of our uniqueness.

Why assume that we are all cut from the same mold and therefore made indistinguishable by the tribeís generic expectations? Unification does not mean homogenization. Our shared human essence, ultimately one body, one mind, one spirit differentiates into diverse pathways designed to enhance our unique soulís journey.

Yes, we are excited about the prospect of the New Age. But how far are we willing to take this revolution in consciousness? An all-encompassing metamorphosis tears us away from the roots of our tribe and demands that we stand, seemingly alone, in our truth.

Are we ready to turn our back on the template of the larger community that has validated our lives? In what areas do we dare to stand in our authentic selves when they differ from the commonplace? Do we assume that our traditional community will not understand, will reject and judge when we embody a new consciousness that ejects us from the tribal mind into a unique realm of perception?

Beware! Itís dangerous to leave the tribe! In early evolution our survival was only possible within a tribal context. Traditional lineages, threatened by independent thought, discourage genius and its innate inclination toward non-regimented attitudes, imagination, and creativity. Our natural loyalty to the blood family, to the community or greater society which has brought us life, context, support, nourishment, safety, and connection binds us to honor those who have paved the way and reduced our learning curve through their accomplishments and authority. We bow to them in gratitude and naturally comply with their dictates.

At this profound evolutionary juncture, our survival depends on breaking from the tribe to discover who we are and what gift we came to offer. Ejected from tribal security, we face the crisis of great CHANGE and cannot fall back into an embrace with tradition. Society is destined to reorganize itself to become the rightful container of spiritual values and expanded consciousness. Internal authority and intuition constitute the new compass for societal directives. We can embrace a tribe that gratefully accepts our innovative spirit, expanded perspective, and originality that ushers in the new and miraculous.

As much as anyone, I want to be included, loved and accepted. To fit in, I have trimmed the edges of my uniqueness to homogenize down. The need to heal karmic wounds of isolation and exile has reinforced my willingness to respond to the appropriate cues that society has implanted, like a microchip, into my psyche. These compromises have offered me a life of sweet context which makes me reluctant to rock the boat of community safety that has supported my existence for 62 years.

The call of the relentless wild energy of awakening, forces me to examine how I have lost myself in the tribe, how I have become alienated from self in order to be a part of others as I strayed from the austere path of individualization. To ignore todayís evolutionary pressure would betray my greater tribeóthe Family of Divine Beings who illuminate the Path, soothe my soul, faithfully support my karmic contract and to whom Iíve pledged undying love and devotion.

So I have transferred loyalties to my Cosmic Kin, as must we all, in order to live in a fresh way that helps society release its stagnant archaic drag. I continue to muster the courage to scrutinize any co-dependence on the familiar community and dare to question every last bit of capitulation that would block my new consciousness and the right to live life true to self.

The New Age is based on groups of distinct individuals who are not afraid to speak and live their truth. Our lives are vehicles of discovery and experimentation. We are our own awakeners and gurus and must liberate ourselves from the magnetics of societal and familial dictates. Established consensus reality will fade like a distant dream as the infusion of new thought and wisdom floods the collective consciousness with Light and describes the New Paradigm of Fellowship.

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Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness
A soul-based psychotherapist for more than 30 years,
Moriah Marston has been a practitioner of psychologically-based astrology since 1970 and dream analysis since 1989. She has been a gifted conscious channel since 1986 for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, and was encouraged by him to write her new book, Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness. In 1991, Marston founded the School of the Golden Discs, a center for soul nourishment and expanding consciousness.