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“Asking the Question,” Prosperity, “The Power of Attraction” and Hard Work
by Frank Nichols, LCSW


Popularized in books such as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, many people have become interested in “The Law of Attraction” and the use of affirmations in efforts to attain prosperity. Many have found the use of these ideas enormously beneficial while others have been quite frustrated, disheartened and question their validity. A technique called “Asking the Question,” which I have taught to many of my patients, will hopefully help bridge this gap.

The Law of Attraction has been defined as like attracts like. This means that the thoughts, images and beliefs along with your actual words and deeds act as a vibrational transmitter that draw like things into your physical life. Simply saying you have beliefs and thoughts that you are poor will keep you poor. Affirmations are often used to change this. An example would be “I am rich and attract money with ease.” We use affirmations along with other Law of Attraction techniques to create a change from one state to another.  

For the purposes of this article, we will assume that you believe that you create what you focus on. Certain questions arise: How do I deal with negative beliefs and behaviors that may seem to take a lifetime to change? How do I deal with the thousands of thoughts, many of which are negative, that occur within a day? (Meditation of course is a good place to start.) What wisdom is required to know the difference between the opportunities that I attract to myself and the work required to take advantage of these opportunities?

One can not stress enough that a technique such as an affirmation or even “Asking the Question” presented here will not replace hard work. Many would like to attract lottery winnings yet few do. It would be foolish to think that if one wished to become a doctor that they become one by changing their vibration. Obviously, individuals must work hard to get into and graduate medical school. Hard work must be applied not only to achieve the change you desire, but also to the self who is doing the desiring. You may need to change your study habits!

It stands to reason that it is beneficial to combine the ideas of working hard with attracting what you need; that it is indeed wise to work hard but wiser to work smart.  The saying, “God helps those who help themselves,” is relevant here. This is where “Asking the Question,” comes into play. When you ask yourself and the universe a question, you and the universe tend to seek an answer. 

Any question may be asked and if you slow down enough you will notice that you are asking questions all the time. Questions such as “Why am I unhappy?” or “Why can’t I find a suitable mate?” abound in individual’s lives.  If one truly listens to the events of their lives, answers are provided all the time. What is required is to ask questions in a conscious manner with intention.

We will use the preferred question of “How would a prosperous man/woman act?” as an example of “Asking the Question.” Why is using the idea of prosperity preferred?  Let’s answer with questions. What is your idea of prosperity? What would your idea of prosperity be in terms of your career? What would prosperous relationships look like for you? What about prosperous health? What about prosperity in terms of your wealth?  Most consider wealth and prosperity synonymous but I believe the above dispels that notion. We use the concept of prosperity in terms of attraction because it casts a wide net, yet it is specific to you the questioner in whatever specific situation you find yourself.

How to Ask The Question

Simply, one may ask “How would a prosperous woman/man act?” Ask at different times during the day. Ask the question before you go to bed as you will work on it as you sleep.  Ask the question when you arise to “get out on the right side of the bed”. Ask the question at different times during the day.  

You may ask the question out loud or in your head. Do not immediately answer yourself in words, however thoughts and ideas may come to you. The universe answers your questions by providing you with information that comes in many forms such as in dreams, ideas, chance encounters with others who offer information and by providing opportunities for growth and development. You answer the question by doing the best that you can in whatever particular situation you find yourself. This is goal setting of the highest order because it is so flexible yet specific to your present situation.

Using affirmations correctly can be extremely effective but often they are done incorrectly. The example of “I am rich and attract money with ease,” can backfire when five minutes later you are noticing and focusing on how poor you are. 
Asking the prosperity question allows for time for you to work on your goals and for the universe to provide you with the necessary information to achieve those goals.  

Affirmations done incorrectly pose a danger of creating more and more “want” and then that is what they give you, a painful state of “want”. It is what you create from your specific point in “time” in terms of your thoughts and actions that is real, and not what you hope for. When you make a goal a “need” or a requirement you “do” things.  Even lottery winners did something – they bought their tickets! 

Affirmations assume you are using the correct wisdom for the specific concern. Saying “I am healthy!” and attempting to believe it with every fiber of your being may heal you but if you are in fact truly dying it robs you of the wisdom that acceptance would provide.  Asking the question allows you the leeway for making errors in judgment which are more common than not. It is from mistakes and failures that we learn. It has been said that the greatest gift a parent can give their child is to allow that child to fail. Asking the question encourages one to do their best therefore errors tend to become a little easier to detect.  One becomes a little more persistent in their response to failure. Turning a dead end or problem into an opportunity becomes a little more realistic. Finding the correct direction and then forming a vision or plan with goals becomes a possibility.

Asking the question, “How would a prosperous man/woman act?” helps you to combine two very powerful forces, the power of attraction and your own hard work. It has been said, “Seek and you shall receive.” The question helps you do just that.

Thanks to Dr Jerry Ebstein D.D.S. (JME123@aol.com.) a master psychic for originally channeling the concept of “The Question”.

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