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We're Waking Up!
by Siobhan Ciresi • Long Island, NY


waves and moonA tsunami of truth and revelation is sweeping our land and indeed the entire planet. From the origins of our existence to our global enslavement, whistle blowers, insiders, truth tellers, and professionals from all paths of life are disclosing and revealing the jaw dropping realities of our world that the majority of us do not get to hear about.

Information is spreading like wildfire, and cannot be tamed. It needs to annihilate the old paradigms that have kept humanity in a state of disempowerment and mental slavery for thousands of years. And that’s exactly what is taking place right now. Concepts and institutions that we are born into and ruled by, are busting at the seams, making way for new actualities to come into existence and take their place. The amount of information available is endless thanks to people working independently and in collaboration to shed light on the darkness that obscures our collective sight. They’ve been doing a tremendous job in their service to humankind by speaking out and sharing profound knowledge with the world. We are so fortunate to be living in the midst of an information explosion for we now have an adequate amount of knowledge to comprehend the bigger picture of who and what we really are, where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going. No longer will we be manipulated to live in ignorance, for humanity is expanding its individual and collective understanding about our world and more importantly, ourselves.

We begin by actively questioning and investigating the consensus realities we adhere to on a daily basis. The stories told by our powers that be, which we base our lives on, are long overdue for examination and assessment by the public at large. Government, Banking, Economics, State Education, and Religion are just some examples of the current world order that most of us had no hand in consciously creating but nonetheless, our lives, our thoughts, and our beliefs are based on and revolve around these very institutions. The time has come to pay closer attention, to rely on our own intelligence and embrace our innate ability to discern whether or not these institutions have a place in our existence anymore. Do they support humanity or hold us back? Are they representative of what we really want or are they simply ways by which we can be controlled? Are we truly free citizens in America or have we been manipulated into just thinking we are? Answering these questions requires a look at some facts, evidence, and history. The hidden knowledge, the deeply significant realities have not and will not become known to us through the nightly news, high school text books, our churches or other institutions that provide us with what we assume to be valid information.

The very basic process of research, investigation, and discovery has uncovered the truth regarding some of our most basic assumptions; coming to know these truths will profoundly change the way we view our selves, the world, and life in general. When we seek to understand our surroundings and environments in the broad sense, we come to realize that we operate under deeply ingrained paradigms and concepts that we were born into and programmed to live by. When we take a step back and look at the finer details of the bigger picture we can recognize what we unwittingly uphold. These moments of realization are momentous. With each revelation we become more conscious—from here we can start asking the right questions, discover more truth, and make better, more enlightened decisions and choices as a result. The information surfacing for us to finally see has the capacity to launch our individual and collective consciousness into new ways of living and being.

Excerpted from Operation Humanity Transcending ©2010, by Siobhan Ciresi. Available at www.Lulu.com.


Siobhan Ciresi is a Long Island Geoengineering educator, raising awareness about the geoengineering activity taking place in the world’s skies. She is a certified Interfaith Minister, and works and trains in the arts of Spiritual Life Coaching, Self-Mastery and Energy Balancing, and holds certification in Holistic Health Counseling from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Siobhan is a student of contract law and assists others with their commercial redemption processes. She purposes to inspire humanity into its inherent and accessible potential through her spiritual services, public speaking events, presentations, radio shows and writing. www.HumanityTranscending.com. Tune into The Humanity Transcending Radio Show every Saturday Night 6-8PM Eastern Time on Revolution Radio at www.FreedomSlips.com.