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Thai Massage and Healing Arts: Practice, Culture and SpiritualityThai Massage and Healing Arts: Practice, Culture and Spirituality
by Bob Haddad
Findhorn Press

In Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts: Practice, Culture and Spirituality, author and registered Thai therapist, Bob Haddad delivers an intensely researched and wide-ranging anthology. He uncovers a wealth of information and presents the historical, spiritual, and cultural connections to the powerful healing art of Thai massage.

Included in the book are ways to refine and maintain a healthy practice, breath work and body mechanics, self-protection techniques, reading body language, acupressure concepts, Thai medicine theory, and Thai herbal compress therapy. In the spiritual and cultural section of the book, readers will discover modern translations of ancient texts, Indian and Buddhist influences, magic amulets and sacred tattoos, and accessory modalities such as reusi dat ton (stretching) and tok sen (hammering therapy). The final section, features essays about practice with clients, written by therapists and teachers from around the world.

In addition to the author’s work, other contributions in this anthology are from well known Thai massage professionals. The extensive experience and information provided in this reference book is invaluable to students and practitioners who wish to deepen their personal and professional understanding of traditional Thai healing arts.


THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SACREDTHE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SACRED SPACES: Decoding Churches, Temples, Mosques and Other Places of Worship Around the World
Watkins Publishing

A temple or a mosque is much more than a ravishing and sensually overwhelming piece of architecture. For millennia human beings have directed extraordinary amounts of time, energy and resources towards the design and creation of architecture that expresses spirituality. It is a remarkable fact that in most cultures throughout history the greatest buildings have been religious ones. The Secret Language of Sacred Spaces demystifies places of worship and offers fascinating insights into some of the most impressive structures ever built, revealing how they developed, how they were used and how the tenets of a particular faith are encoded in both their structure and embellishment.

This book is both an overview of holy architecture and a survey of the world’s major faiths. Part One explains key universal themes recurring within the architecture of sacredness. Part Two examines the great sites of prehistory and antiquity, but the emphasis is on the key living faiths, with major sections on Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as the distinctive, indigenous religions of East Asia – Shinto, Confucianism and Taoism. Throughout both parts, the superb fullcolor photographs are interspersed with carefully designed “decoder” special features that reveal to the reader the meaning of a building or one of its decorative elements as it was intended by its creator and understood by its original audience. A stunning reference book, illustrated with superb full-color photographs and artwork.


by Jim Carrey
Some Kind of Garden Media

When I hear the name Jim Carrey, I am immediately transported back to the early 90’s when he was a young comedian/actor on the show In Living Color. You remember: Fire Marshall Bill? It is the hilarious stuff of my youth. And I have to admit, I have been a fan ever since. Over the years Carrey has proven himself capable of so much more than the hilarious facial contortions and comedic roles for which he is so well known and loved. He has wowed his fans and critics with serious and insightful acting roles, as well as humbling and inspiring humanitarian work.

In his most recent, and perhaps, his most surprising role as children’s book author, Carrey has managed to tackle some of life’s more challenging lessons using metaphor, grace, honesty, and compassion. In How Roland Rolls, he creatively illuminates the interconnectedness of all of life. Introducing children to the notion that though sometimes they may feel small and alone, they are in fact, an integral part of a much larger existence.

Seemingly simplistic and lighthearted, How Roland Rolls is undoubtedly a book about love and togetherness – one that Carrey himself hopes will bring families closer. I can’t imagine how it would not.

Reviewed by Erica Settino


by Laurel Lund


In this children’s book, When Glory Got Her Glow Back, Laurel Lund tells the story of a glowworm who lost her glow and set out on a mission to find it, only to discover that the power she was seeking was inside all along. As readers join the glowworm on her journey to self-discovery, they learn the importance of confidence, self-esteem, diversity, creativity and the magic of color beyond what the eye can see.

A certified color and image consultant, Lund is knowledgeable on the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of color as well as the color frequencies associated with chakras, the body’s energy centers. For parents interested in sharing this information with their young children, Lund’s book can serve as a teaching tool to help them learn about the power of color in an easy-tounderstand format.





by Mayte Fernandez
Balboa Press
www.balboapress. com

Secrets of Your Guardian Angels
is a guidebook that helps children get in touch with the angels around them. A colorful story, full of fun characters and witty speech bubbles, this book helps youth better understand the concepts of love and hate. It allows them to explore the wonders of being honest with themselves, the power of imagination, and how to overcome the effects of ego and selfishness. The author uses vivid imagery combined with illustrations to explain the good and bad within us. The little monster inside us, called the “Ego” wants us to lose the game of life. When we make choices from love we can win; these acts of kindness lessen the ego’s power. Children will especially enjoy, the “Wish Machine” a symbol to act from love instead of hate during difficult moments in their lives. A great story for children and adults, let it be a subtle reminder that Angels are among us.

Guardian Angels reviewed by AnnMarie and Scarlett McCann