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October/November 2014
Vol. 2
8 • Issue #5



Talking Our Walk
by Neil & Andrea Garvey

Get Real
by Alan Cohen

Assessing Your Truth and Living It
by Lee McCormick and Mary Falkner

He “Should” Have Been Happy
by Jack Elias

Death is Not the End of Life
by Guy Finley

Calendar of Events

Our Power is in How We Approach
Life’s Circumstances
by Jeanmarie Wilson

Alzheimer’s – The Long Goodbye
by Daniel O’Rourke

19 Non-Drug Solutions for Pain Relief
by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Regain and Maintain Your Memory
by Gary Null

*Regain and Maintain Your Memory: A Natural Approach, Part 2
by Gary Null, PhD

Resources for Natural Living

The Gateway to Heaven on Earth Exists in Your Mind
by Dr. Michael Cotton

Life Shifting
by Aleta St. James



Expanding the Circle
by Erica Settino

Creations Book Reviews

*How To Grow Younger Instead of Older
by Wendy Packer and Ralph Benko

*Being of Spirit
by Mike Dooley

*Emotional Investment
by John Ryan


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