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What Have You Done Today?
by J.M. Harrison • Blandford Forum, Dorset, UK


An evolutionary leap in human consciousness is taking place. We are in extraordinary times of change and transformation. The way forward will not occur by clinging to the belief or experience that we are essentially pure consciousness. There is more.

There is a fundamental truth we have overlooked, misunderstood and misplaced. That truth unifies us all.

We have forgotten the truth of the Soul. Each of us is a Soul, but we often overlook its abiding presence. We are too wrapped up in “our story”, making it impossible to realize who we really are. Every now and then we receive hints to the presence of the Soul in the form of synchronicities and intuition, occurrences which are often ignored or misinterpreted by a wandering, wishful mind. The Soul however, is not what you think or believe, it’s not even logical, and this is what makes it difficult to grasp.

To awaken to the presence of your Soul requires the simultaneous convergence and letting go of all dimensions of human experience and non-experience. Letting go allows you to grow. This release includes ego and non-ego, personality and Awareness, being and non-being, mind and no-mind, duality and non-duality. Only then does a balanced, all-inclusive, transparent way of thinking and acting solidify in the foreground of consciousness. This ripening of consciousness leads to the realization that although no Soul is identical, all Souls are unified.

In my journey, I was propelled to search for the reason for life. Not just my life but the meaning of Life itself. This impassioned search took me through a wide range of phenomena, the experiences and life lessons I really needed to learn and grow. Here today, I do not claim or seek any final state or end, for I have realized that Life is eternal, and that we are all interconnected parts of the One Life. The True Self I once so longed for is now realized as not really being “mine” at all, but the paradoxical ever-present core of you, me and all that IS. That’s why I refer to it as The One True Self. However, this realization is still not the end of the journey, but merely a stepping-stone to living in the world as an authentic Human Being. This is why I have written and spoken about the subject over the last decade, to remind myself and others of the vital evolutionary role of the Soul.

The authentic Soul is not the one or the many, but both and more, the natural state of human being-ness that allows us to experience the quantum capacities of a multidimensional consciousness. Or, putting it another way, the living presence of the Soul is the holistic faculty of consciousness which experiences, shares and contributes to the totality. In this sense, the awakening Soul is a whole individual, or rather a Universal-Individual who is neither separate nor inseparable. A conscious Soul knows it is a Human, and our Being, and the unique pattern of a singular Consciousness.

The self-isolating ego does not recognize the fundamental reality of Awareness, and yet it yearns for it. It attempts to find this in any way it sees fit, until physical and material rewards are realized to be void of any lasting peace or true fulfilment.

On the other hand, the nondual blanket of Awareness paradoxically denies the existence of individuality, and proposes that you, me, and the appearance of the world at large, are all illusory. Holding on to this liberating yet anonymous experience, it’s easy to sit back and say there’s nothing we can do or there’s nothing to be done, and assume we are already complete and awakened. And yet, we are human beings sharing a worldly experience which is all too real. So here’s another paradox – for the uniqueness of each Soul is only realized through the Soul-less anonymity of Awareness. The awakening Soul is then known to be neither the Whole nor simply an individual part, but something I call a Whole-part.

In awakening to the presence of your Soul, you begin to live in harmony with Universal Intelligence and all that entails. It is this presently emerging consciousness which will enable human beings to evolve, and for future generations to inhabit this stunning planet for millennia.

Humans can do so much good, and yet, when we are disconnected from the wisdom of the Soul, we cause horrific damage to one another and the world around us. The atrocities in Paris are a clear example of the depths human consciousness can fall to when separation and fear rule the day.

However, you are living in a time when you can stand up and be counted. If the way we treat each other and our planet does not sit comfortably with you, then you can choose to make a difference. You really can. If more people arrive at the same conclusion, and act upon it in soulful authenticity, then our children’s children will have a fighting chance. While you have a voice, you have a choice. So what have you done today?

We Are All One, Naked Being, YOU are THISJ.M. Harrison

J.M. Harrison is a British born Award Winning author. His field of interest includes the practical application of spirituality, the evolution of human consciousness, and the reality of the soul. He began writing following a mystical death experience in 2007. Jonathan’s non-fiction titles to date include: We Are All One, Naked Being, YOU are THIS and a novel of Visionary Fiction entitled The Soul Whisperer. He has taught alongside Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Dr Bruce Lipton and others, as well as taking part in numerous media interviews in both Europe and the US. www.AuthorJMHarrison.com.