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Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s WisdomRECLAIMING YOUR BODY
Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom
by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana


While the English language frequently refers to what our bodies know — “gut feelings,” hearts “reaching out” to others, etc. — many of us have learned to ignore, deny, or even mistrust our body’s inherent wisdom. Even worse, a lot of people don’t like their bodies very much at all. The result is that when trauma strikes, a time when we need every aspect of our beings to master the challenge, we may find ourselves disconnected from our greatest strengths. At one level or another, traumatic experiences are a part of any life — from the emotional shock of a parent or a peer’s careless words in childhood to intense physical injuries to life-threatening emergencies and/ or assaults. Not only do these events take a toll on our psyches, author Suzanne Scurlock-Durana explains how they cut us off from the wisdom of our bodies as well.

Reclaiming Your Body sets the stage for healing by presenting ways to reconnect with our body’s inherent guidance system. The book explains how unresolved trauma becomes lodged in our bodies, blocking the ability of its communication system to share its wisdom and strategies. This can cause us to: flounder when making decisions, remain in unsafe or less-than-ideal situations, and/ or end up living a life that truly isn’t ours — while the whole time our body is madly signaling us with the answers and solutions we seek. This book also includes chapters for each main “wisdom area” of the body — the heart, gut, pelvis, legs and feet, bones, and brain — that explore each area’s unique roles in the process of developing full-body presence. Audio explorations that are available for download online, along with transcripts, are included for each chapter.


Their Spiritual Powers and Teachings
Their Spiritual Powers and Teachings

by Nicholas Pearson

Stones and crystals are our most ancient teachers. The relationships between the mineral kingdom and the human kingdom are as old as life itself, for the mineral kingdom—comprised of beautiful crystals, dense rocks, sands, clays, and everything in-between—is the very foundation upon which life developed on Earth. Supporting humanity through the eons, these teachers offer curative and restorative properties for healing as well as powerful guidance to catalyze spiritual growth.

Integrating gemstone lore from around the world with modern mineral science, Nicholas Pearson guides readers on a journey into the inner realm of the mystery teachings of the mineral kingdom, a journey that mirrors the soul’s path to perfection. He reveals the archetypal wisdom embodied within 7 essential crystal and gemstone mentors—obsidian, jade, lapis lazuli, emerald, quartz, amethyst, and diamond—examining each stone’s mythological, historical, and cultural associations in tandem with their crystalline structure and chemical composition. He explores each stone’s healing and spiritual properties, providing practical exercises, esoteric revelations, and meditations on the specific spiritual work each stone archetype supports. Obsidian, for example, is the stone of initiation, revealing our shadow side and guiding us to places in need of light.

Diamond, the final perfected stone of the seven, illuminates Divine Love, purifying us and leading our consciousness to enlightenment, cutting through any vestiges of fear or illusion because it is the hardest, sharpest, most luminous teacher the mineral kingdom has to offer. Enabling each of us to harness the power of stones for spiritual evolution and healing, this guide to the mystery teachings of the mineral kingdom shows how the ancient call to evolve with the crystals and stones that surround us lives on in an unbroken legacy.



Meditations For Children
Meditations For Children

by Marie Delanote
Illustrations by Jokanies


In our ever-changing world children need to have tools to help them cope with life’s challenges. Acorns to Great Oaks: Meditations for Children is a beautifully illustrated book of 22 meditations for children designed to help kids deal with their own emotions and find confidence, peace and happiness within so they can easily apply “coping mechanisms” into real life. Acorns to Great Oaks is intended to help parents teach their children how to become aware of their wonderful world. The book aims to show their connection to our beautiful planet and how they can find strength and happiness in even the most stressful situations by accessing the power of meditation. The book is also available with a CD.

The exercises in Acorns to Great Oaks teach children how to have power and control over how they feel, what’s happening, and where they want to be in life! Exercises may be performed in as little as one minute or as long as 5–10 minutes, making it easy to incorporate them into daily life or a longer learning session. They rely on fun visualization techniques that enhance creative thinking, mental strength, positive thinking, and self-esteem, in order to harness the mind – the basis of a fabulous, happy, and successful life.



DAO Labs formulasD’AO LABS

DAO Labs are easy-to-consume effervescent powders— just add to water, stir until dissolved and drink – come in four formulations, each one focused on a different aspect of balance, health, vitality and harmony. Incorporating the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the manufacturer touts these four formulas promote digestion, emotional balance, immunity and women’s health: Digestive Harmony promotes both immediate and long-term digestive health; Emotional Balance focuses on the mind and spirit to relieve stress while promoting inner peace and mental clarity; Immunity Support formula safeguards the body from the airborne pathogens during seasonal changes to minimize allergies and cold symptoms; Women’s Formula fosters regularity and strength, while minimizing cramps and emotional swings during the monthly cycle.

These modern day medicinals translate over 3,000 years of natural support. The DAO Labs product line is made with verified authentic Chinese herbs including Rehmannia, Tangkuei, Ginger and Licorice roots, Mint leaves, Red Tangerine Peel, and Hawthorn and Forsythia fruit. All varieties are all-natural, vegetarian, and packaged and tested in the United States.