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Real Food For an Awakening Consciousness
by Dreama Vance


Yoga silouetteNot too long ago, I was at a Qigong conference held in the city where I lived. Most of the participants were from out of town. So, as we broke for lunch, I piped up and told people about my favorite local restaurant that had just opened a branch close to where the conference was being held. “They serve real food,” I said.

You would be astonished at how many people came up to me afterwards and asked me what I meant by “real food.” I thought they were kidding with me, but no, they were serious. Well, as Mom would say, “Real food is food made from scratch.” The restaurant makes their own bread, scones and muffins. They make homemade soups. They make their own salad dressings. They serve fresh green salads and fresh fruit that is actually ripe and tastes good. Real food. Not stuff that comes in a box. Not stuff that is made out of an isolated part of something, but made to look and taste like something more familiar.

After forty years of interest in nutritional health, my number one recommendation is: “Eat real food!”

We have strayed from the garden. As a result, we are paying the price on many levels. Food plays a huge role in our own physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. I am constantly astounded at mainstream consciousness which is still in denial that choices in food can not only cause disease, but can also be the consequent cure.

Awakening consciousness means awakening at all levels of our being.

As the shift to fourth density occurs, food, and our choices of it, will be one of the key players, one of the major dividers in consciousness on our planet. With right choices, we become connected to the planet. This is one of the reasons to recommend a plant-based diet. Plants connect us to the Earth. How and what we eat affects us as individuals, as a community, and as a planet.

Diabetes is pandemic. Heart disease is rampant. Obesity is common in our children now. These are, as Dr. Mark Hyman states, “food-born illnesses.”

There are so many myths in our culture about these impairments that lead people astray from the simple truth. There is, however, a great awakening happening. More and more, people are beginning to take back their power. They are beginning to educate themselves and take action to restore their health.


Dreama Vance is a New Reality wellness expert and co-founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy. Her specialty is research into effective methods of healing and attaining wellness of mind, body and spirit. After years of exploring healing modalities, she has become expert in three that are highly powerful and effective. Her current research involves tuning into Gaia, the Mother Earth, to discover more about the inner secrets of Gaia’s ancient wisdom teachings as well as receiving and documenting information on the New Energy from Saint Germain.