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Feng Shui: Renewal in Your Bedroom
by Nadia Vee • Great Neck, NY


Tis the season when...
* Masculine energy (Sun) turns to Feminine Energy (Earth)
* Summer turns to Autumn.
* Blossoms turn to bounty.

The months of August and September are full of festivities and holidays when we celebrate the equinox, fertility, and harvest what was generously gifted by mother earth.  Our world is bursting in an explosion of vibrant primary colors, bright red and green apples, purple grapes, yellow heads of goldenrod, and the beginnings of fiery fall foliage.

For our readers who need a refresher, Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy that creates a sacred harmony between heaven, humanity, and earth. It is the powerful interplay between the forces of nature and human destiny. It is also the art of living a happy, comfortable, and prosperous life in harmony with our environment. Feng Shui is based on Tao philosophy, with Yin and Yang as the forces that govern the universe, Chi (or Qi) as a life force, and the Five Elements as the essence of all matter.  These Five Elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - affect one another but are individually associated with a specific season, time and space, personality archetype, color, taste, matter, and bodily organs. What is YOUR element?

There is nothing that heaven does not cover, and nothing that earth does not sustain — Chuang Tzu

Earth nurtures Life which depends on it for its sustenance. The ground under our feet and the soil that feeds us impart stability and security. Autumn is a time of ripening, when all that has grown and matured since spring is now ready for harvest. It is a time when we express gratitude for the bounty and peace that surround us. The best time of the day for the Earth element is late afternoon.

Colors: Earth is symbolized by earthy colors: browns, yellows, oranges, and by Yin energy:  feminine, motherly.

Personality Archetype: Typically dubbed "The Peacemaker"

  • Values stability, resolves conflicts, transforms discord into harmony;
  • Nurtures our connectedness with one another and with the world;
  • Demonstrates empathy and caring, ready to lend a helping hand;
  • Peacemakers make the best caregivers, teachers, social workers, preservers of family and community. 

WARNING: Peacemakers have a tendency to overdo it and get into overwhelm. It is therefore very important to be aware and strike a healthy balance.

Your Bedroom - The Center of Sensuality 

This is where you spend a good third of your life. Does it support your well-being?  Does it enhance your intimacy, sensuality, sexuality, and passion?  Autumn is the perfect season to get rid of that “same-old-same-old” feeling.  After all, it is where your passion is fully expressed, where you dream, and where you welcome new days.  It is a sacred place where you engage all your senses, a place for romance and intimacy, and a place for the magic of SSS: Sex, Sleep, and Senses. 
It is also where you rest and relax as your Chi energy is replenished.  KEEP ALL WORK-RELATED STUFF OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM!

Where is your bed? 
The most auspicious location for your bed is with a solid wall behind the headboard and in full view of the door and windows; this is considered a “secure command position” in Feng Shui. 

Colors, Lighting, Furnishings, Accessories

  • Color has emotional and physical properties with the power to change the atmosphere around us and influence our personalities, mood, and Chi.  Stick to light, pastel, and earthy colors; 
  • Soft and soothing lights (yellow incandescent, not blueish which will keep you awake at night) will put you in a romantic and intimate mood; this is after all your sensuality room, not your office;
  • Light furniture with rounded corners (it is said that sharp edges “cut the Chi”); 
  • Hang a mirror in a strategic place to increase nurturing energy;
  • Fresh cut flowers will enrich your bedroom year round, adding beauty and richness to your life.

Feng Shui has powerful tools to experience new beginnings and make your wishes come true.  Autumn has great significance in many cultures and religions:

  • Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) symbolizes renewal and introspection;
  • It is no coincidence that the academic year begins in September;
  • Design and Fashion industries introduce new styles, trends, and colors in the fall;

Nadia Vee

Nadia Vee is an award-winning designer, certified Feng Shui practitioner, Staging expert, and lecturer on the faculty of the prestigious Metropolitan Institute of Design (Syosset, NY). She teaches a program entitled “Practical Aspects of Feng Shui for Designers” three times a year (enrollment is underway for Fall classes.) office@met-design.com 516-845-4033/516-707-7202 nadiav@gnrdesigns.com. Should you be interested in learning more about Feng Shui, the Institute, offers a program—now in its 27th year— dedicated to imparting its ancient wisdom, and has certified hundreds of designers who are successfully applying their knowledge in projects around the world. The Metropolitan Institute of design was founded and accredited by the New York State of education in 1977, and for over 40 years has been widely regarded as an educational institute of the highest order.