Ask Michelle

by Michelle Stevens
Author of The Soul’s Agenda

When the sun comes up in the morning, you know this is a part of a cycle, Dear One. When the sun sets in the evening, you know this too is part of the same cycle. You do not wonder when the sun disappears at the end of the day if it will rise again the next. You count on it doing so and act accordingly.

Like the rising and setting of the sun, there are certain cycles that are always at play in your life. Can you spot them? Are there cycles in your romantic relationships, your creativity, your physicality, your friendships, your work?

When it gets dark in the evenings you adjust to that stage of the suns cycle. You have learned to accept and adapt to periods of darkness without fear. You behave differently during them then you might when the sun is bright. One stage is not better or worse than the other, but each is more or less ideal for completing certain tasks.

Witness the other cycles in your life and take note of how you adapt to periods of darkness vs. light. When cycles are in motion, things will always change, and change, and then change again. How you choose to experience that change is up to you. You can fight it, fear it, dread it, or hate it, or you can trust it, accept it, embrace it and adapt to it, with the eager anticipation of waiting for the beauty of the next sunrise, trusting that regardless of how dark the night may become, that the light will always return.

Michelle Stevens is the author of Ask Michelle, our channeled spiritual advice column.

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Creations Magazine
Ask Michelle
Volume I
June 10, 2017

Ask Michelle
You asked me your questions. I asked my guides for answers. Here is what they had to say!

A question I have often wondered is how do we know if an event or situation is karma being created or karma being worked out? The situation could be great, difficult or anything in between. Jan, East Northport, NY

The truth is Dear One, that you are both creating and working out your karma at the same time, all the time. Every action that you take, thought that you think, intention that you set, and word that you speak has an energetic vibration, and that vibration impacts everything around you. It ripples out into the world. And that ripple, whether big or small, fast or slow, positive or negative that travels out away from you, will always travel back to you again.

Imagine the universe, all that is, as a large swimming pool. When you jump in, what happens? Water splashes up all around you, and ripples immediately begin traveling away from you. The splash is the immediate impact of your actions, and the ripples are the long-term impact. Eventually the ripples will reach the edge of the pool, bounce off the wall and make their way back again. Basically, karma works the same way.

Once the ripples you send out come back again, you must then decide how you are going to react to them. If you respond to them gently, their force will lessen, and a different, more gentle ripple will emanate back out from you. If you push back on them forcefully, you will send another wave of strong ripples back out from you, that will again, eventually make their way back to you.

With every choice you make, you are creating your karma Dear One. The ripples of your choices are and always have been traveling out from you and back again for as long as you have been you, since the beginning of time.

Jump into the pool with great force, and a forceful wave will return to you. Step in to the pool with grace and a graceful ripple with return to you. There is no judgment in the waves Dear One. They do not exist to reward or punish. They simply bring back that which you send out.

I’ve lived my life in science believing what I can see and touch and measure. My heart tells me there is more, but how do I see it? How do I see beyond what is here now? If there is a realm beyond this, how do I experience it? ­ Bob, Jersey City, NJ

At present Dear One, what you are telling us is that your beliefs are predominantly determined and ruled by your head. And whether you know it or not, in asking us this question you have already made a shift, you have already taken a step forward towards a belief in something else. But in truth while at first it may appear to be, your question is not actually a question about belief at all. What you are asking us is really a question about trust. You acknowledge that your heart is telling you there is more to this life; more than what you can see, touch and measure, but you are having a hard time trusting (and seeing) that what it is telling you is true. And THAT is the source of the issue you are having. Just like food cannot be fully experienced with your eyes alone (it requires your mouth), and light cannot be fully experienced by your skin alone (it requires your eyes), spirit cannot be fully experienced by your head alone. To see, connect with, and have a meaningful experience of spirit in your life Dear One, you have to use your heart. And how, you might ask, are you supposed to begin doing that? The answer is simple. You decide to start trusting it. You decide that you are going to start honoring the feelings that you have in your heart at least as much (if not more) than you have been honoring the thoughts that you have in your head.

That would be a really good place to start.

Michelle StevensMichelle Stevens is a channeler and internationally published author and has been aware of the presence of her spirit guides in her life since she was 8 years old. She has been publishing the channeled messages that she receives and sharing them on her blog with a global group of followers since 2012. The Soul’s Agenda, her first book, is an inspiring collection of empowering, encouraging, enlightening, and at times blunt messages with the astonishing power to set in motion a powerful and positive shift in reader consciousness. With her guides illuminating the way, her words take readers on a practical and profoundly spiritual and personal journey within. To learn more about Michelle, her blog and the book visit