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ARCHANGEL ALCHEMY HEALING: The Celestial Science in the Vibration of the Universe by Alexandra WenmanARCHANGEL ALCHEMY HEALING: The Celestial Science in the Vibration of the Universe
by Alexandra Wenman

Providing channeled guidance, meditations, attunements, and healing practices, Alexandra Wenman shows you how to tap into your own magical and healing gifts by experiencing, feeling, and embodying angelic qualities, energies, and vibrations.

She explains key concepts such as the hierarchy and purpose of the Archangels, the relationship between the subtle and physical body, and the holographic nature of the soul. She introduces light language and its symbols, along with a channeled Ascension message from Archangel Gabriel on our present evolutionary state. Detailing the therapeutic practice of Archangel Alchemy, Alexandra explores its protocols, invocations, and healing techniques, including hands-on healing, distance healing, and Earth healing.

Presenting evidence to support the existence of the Angelic Kingdom, and of life and the myriad dimensions beyond our physical reality, Alexandra looks at how and why the therapy of Archangel Alchemy works, backed up by scientific research, quantum physics, and the sacred geometry of nature, as well as psychology and metaphysics.

This guide to the Archangel Alchemy healing system enables anyone to harness the power of angelic energies to heal, harmonize, and connect to your soul purpose.


PLIABILITY FOR RUNNERS: The Breakthrough Method to Stay Injury-free, Get Stronger, and Run Faster by Joseph McConkeyPLIABILITY FOR RUNNERS: The Breakthrough Method to Stay Injury-free, Get Stronger, and Run Faster
by Joseph McConkey

With dozens of exercises and sport-specific workout plans – all backed by modern, field-tested science – Pliability For Runners is the key to achieving optimum athletic performance while breaking the injury cycle. Recreational runners, cross country and track runners, competitive road racers and professional athletes across the globe understand the critical importance of taking proper care of your body. Without proper upkeep, muscle fatigue, repetitive motion injuries and the general wear-and-tear of day-to-day living takes its toll on our body, making it less coordinated, more restricted and less responsive to the demands of athletic activity.

Pliability For Runners changes all that. By offering a complete and through breakdown of improving your body’s pliability, runners of all skill and experience levels can take advantage of increased flexibility, stronger muscle resilience and better performance during (and after) workouts.

ADVENTURES OF A SOUL: Psychics, Mediums, the Mystical, and Me by Anne NewgardenADVENTURES OF A SOUL: Psychics, Mediums, the Mystical, and Me
by Anne Newgarden

“I don’t normally talk about this to my clients. But I’ll talk about it to you, because you’re going to be writing about people who do what I do. And about what are called ‘the invisible realms” Hearing those words during her first-ever psychic reading, Anne Newgarden had no idea how true they would one day prove to be.

In Adventures of a Soul: Psychics, Mediums, the Mystical, and Me, Anne takes readers along on a wild ride as she searches for the truth about psychics and mediums, reincarnation and soul mates, angels and spirit guides—and for true love. You’ll get an inside view as she meets with top psychics for in-depth readings; converses with the dead; discovers past lives; develops startling intuitive abilities; communicates with angels and spirit guides; and finds a soul mate who curls her toes and heals her heart. Honest, poignant and funny, Adventures of a Soul is part memoir, part self-help book, and part New Age guidebook. It is the inspiring story of one woman’s wild adventures that radically transformed her worldview and her life. If you’ve ever been curious about the paranormal, wondered what a psychic or medium reading is really like, pondered life after death (or lives before this one), or felt there might be more to reality than what meets the eye, this book is for you. Reading it might just make the paranormal your new normal too!




BEE & YOUBEE&YOU makes all-natural and biologically active bee products while promoting sustainable beekeeping. BEE&YOU relies on a unique “Contract- Based Beekeeping Model” to protect bees and beekeepers’ rights and safety. This product line includes: Propolis Raw Honey Syrup for cough, mucus and sore throat relief; Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Propolis (chewable) provides immune support and allergy relief; KidsShot Elderberry Propolis, high in antioxidents, natural immune booster; Propolis- Royal Jelly Raw Honey is rich in antioxidents and has strong antimicrobial properties; Propolis + Raw Honey Mix for kids is made with only 2 natural ingredients: raw honey and Anatolian propolis extract. A great superfood for Kids’ healthy immune system.



Featuring innovative materials with thoughtful and elevated design, Brand Factory holds functionality and sustainability at its core. Beyond using unique materials, Brand Factory’s low waste design process only uses the materials needed without sacrificing function to create a healthy balance of form and innovation. Brand Factory also manages their own factories, so every aspect of the production cycle is sustainable and ethical.

Moka – Printed on the side of the cup, “This cup is made from repurposed coffee grounds and husk that would otherwise be discarded.” Moka is recyclable, reusable, sustainable, freezer and dishwasher safe, and BPA free. Moka is also heat resistant, barista friendly with 12- and 16-ounce sizes, and fits into standard cup holders. Available in the earthy shades of Sand and Pebble. $8 – $10

Suga – “This reusable bottle is made from renewable sugarcane” is printed on the side of this recyclable, sustainable, BPA free, 22-ounce water bottle that features an easy carry handle. Durable enough for the freezer and dishwasher, Suga is available in four earthy tones: Sand, Sky, Ocean, and Pebble. $10