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MINDFUL INVESTING: Right Focus, Better Outcome, Greater Well-Being by Jonathan K. DeYoeMINDFUL INVESTING: Right Focus, Better Outcome, Greater Well-Being
by Jonathan K. DeYoe

In his two decades as a financial adviser, Jonathan K. DeYoe has seen countless investors make decisions driven by fear and wishful thinking. That mindset leads to costly mistakes, such as chasing “hot” stocks, buying when prices are high and selling when low, and racking up expensive transaction fees and taxes in the process. But there is good news: these mistakes are preventable. In Mindful Investing, DeYoe offers a solution: a comprehensive investment strategy that integrates Western behavioral finance with the Eastern discipline of mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness allows investors to see life from a larger perspective and make financial decisions according to their long-term goals, not fleeting impulses.

Mindful Investing discusses both the mechanics and the psychology of investing, including:

  • Understanding how financial markets work (stocks, bonds, and more)
  • Building an investment portfolio appropriate for your age, income, and life goals
  • Assessing your tolerance for risk
  • Recognizing and overcoming cognitive biases that impair your financial judgment
  • Choosing investments that align with your core values (socially conscious investing)

Mindful Investing provides simple methods that don’t rely on technology, gimmicks, or constant portfolio maintenance. Mindful Investing takes the anxiety out of investing and shows readers the way to financial prosperity and personal well-being, offering a no-stress investing strategy. No timing the market — the timing he talks about is a super simple 2 hours per year mindful investing process anyone can use — no financial acumen required. That’s right. No financial smarts required. DeYoe says, “The financial advice world has created and encouraged the idea that personal finance is complex. And, because it is so complex, everyone should be paying for their services. The truth is most people would be better off — and have more money — not paying the expensive advisory fee and instead learning and applying a few simple lessons.” Finally. A book for the rest of us.


by Kenneth J. Kunken

On the front cover of Creations Magazine, up on the top left corner, is the word, INSPIRATION. I Dream of Things That Never Were is a true-life story that delivers Inspiration with a capital “I”. On October 31, 1970, in the course of playing a college football game at Cornell University, Ken Kunken broke his neck. The injury severed his spinal cord leaving him almost totally paralyzed from the shoulders down. Ken subsequently spent the next 9+ months in various hospitals and rehab centers undergoing treatment. Battling back from the depths of depression and despair, Ken returned to Cornell to complete his B.S degree in Engineering and a MA in Education. He also earned a master of Education degree in Psychology from Columbia University, and became a well-respected assistant district attorney.

Ken believes that everyone has the inner strength to tackle what most folks would consider almost insurmountable odds — even the most challenging obstacles can be the springboard to stunning success.

Clearly, I Dream of Things That Never Were is a remarkably candid account of triumph over a series of adversities and hardship. But, it’s also a heartwarming love story: While in his forties, Ken hires, and later marries his weekend attendant, Anna — the woman of his dreams — and he becomes a father to triplet boys! Now married for over 20 years, their three boys are all attending college. This raw, real-life inspirational account encourages and motivates us all to hold our focus on our dreams regardless of the seemingly overwhelming odds.


by Judy Suzanne Reis Tsafrir, MD

For far too many, their experience with conventional psychiatry likely consisted of suppressing symptoms with pharmaceuticals, all without being considered as a whole person. It’s probable that there is little exploration of the power of the sacred to promote healing, which is especially crucial in our current climate of widespread fear and disconnection. In psychiatrist Judy Suzanne Reis Tsafrir’s Sacred Psychiatry: Bridging the Personal and Transpersonal to Transform Health and Consciousness, the reader is introduced to a diverse range of holistic approaches to psychiatric healing. It offers invaluable guidance on how to develop personal spiritual practice and highlights the profound significance of fulfilling the soul’s purpose. Moreover, it illustrates the usefulness of astrology, emphasizes how toxic relationships undermine healing, and showcases the remarkable healing power of food as medicine.

Dr. Tsafrir’s groundbreaking magnum opus also provides a holistic framework for weaning off psychiatric pharmaceuticals and focuses on treatable, but frequently overlooked, complex chronic conditions such as mold toxicity, mast cell activation syndrome, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Author Eric Leskowitz, Md, states that “Dr.Tsafrir’s Sacred Psychiatry is an exploration of the many ways in which psychiatry and American culture have gone astray by focusing solely on the material realm. She shows, in wondrous detail, how attention to the emotional, energetic, societal, and, most of all, spiritual dimension of life is the key to healing ourselves and our world. A highly recommended paradigm buster!”




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