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RETURN OF THE GENTLEMAN: Creating Nurturing Connections by Embracing the Authentic You
by Dr. Dain Heer

RETURN OF THE GENTLEMAN: Creating Nurturing Connections by Embracing the Authentic You by Dr. Dain HeerWhat does it mean to be a gentleman? Today gender relations are at a crossroads. While there are many valuable conversations supporting women through this journey, our culture is also facing a masculinity crisis as we redefine views about manhood and what it means to be a gentleman. Can a man be honorable, kind, and caring as well as potent? In this conversational and interactive work, Dr. Dain Heer empowers men (and women who want to understand what the men in their lives may be facing) to answer the questions at the heart of this challenge.

First and foremost, says Dr. Heer, “being a true gentleman is about being the greatest you can be as a man – whatever that looks like for you,” and his book is full of tools and strategies to help you get there. With honesty, playful curiosity, and humour, he offers compelling insights and powerful, transformative questions that will help you open up to new possibilities. You’ll explore how you may be cutting off parts of yourself to fit into the boxes of others’ expectations – and an effective tool to let go of toxic beliefs, clearing the way for new, authentic experiences in your life. You’ll discover the myths and ingrained patterns that can ruin your chances for a fulfilling relationship and how to build nurturing connections with both the men and women in your life (as well as with the man in the mirror). And finally, you’ll learn keys for honoring others without losing yourself and for inspiring the next generation with the three gifts a gentleman can give to the children in his life.

Finding Your Flow
by Jerry Brown
Keep It Simple Golf Media

AWAKEN YOUR INNER GOLFER: Finding Your Flow by Jerry Brown Keep It Simple Golf Media keepitsimplegolf.comAwaken Your Inner Golfer guides you through exploration of forty unique instinct-awakening golf exercises with variations in grip, swing, stance, use of subtle senses and imagination to discover the feel of a golf swing that works for your unique physiology and instinct. The exercises facilitate an awakening of the unique instinctive kinesthetic intelligence within each golfer and will benefit both your short game and your long game. This learning process tends to have a greater permanence in the body/mind than trying to learn through instruction and mechanics; it is the same process a child instinctively uses to learn any physical motor skill.

This approach is not intended to replace conventional mechanical golf instruction but to present tools for learning beyond conventional golf instruction that are not often recognized or utilized. While the mechanics of a golf swing may help you understand the dynamics of a golf swing, reliance on mechanical analysis alone often leads to tyrannical paralysis. The playful process of exploring the golf exercises to awaken instinct facilitates trust in your innate ability to play golf more from your subconscious instincts than from your thinking mind. The practices of visualization, imagination, mindfulness, and self-awareness to quiet the thinking mind and engage the physical body to improve your golf game also offers the potential for these processes to naturally flow into your daily personal life.


Life Lessons of a Human Rabbi—Wisdom for Untethered Times
by Joshua Hammerman

According to Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, being a mensch, an exceptional human being, transcends any other accomplishment. He believes there’s nobility in normalcy; this memoir is full of the wit, wisdom and pathos of being fully human. Mensch is a Yiddish word that has gone beyond its basic definition—a human person—and has become a shining symbol of how simply being human in today’s world has become an act of heroism. As the Talmud states, “In a place where there is no humanity, be human.” To help us on our road to discovering our inner mensch, Hammerman presents 42 brief essays that mirror the 42 stops that the Israelites made as they wandered in the desert. These stories, full of the joy, sorrow, messiness and redemption of everyday life are designed to lead us out of our own wilderness toward realizing of our own promise as a better person.

Hammerman doesn’t spare himself as he shares the challenges that honed his soul: Failure and forgiveness, loving and letting go, finding deeper meaning in work, and holiness in the inconsequential moments of everyday life. Being a morally evolved human being actually means to be fallible and imperfect, even as we strive to do better. Being a mensch means seeking justice tempered with compassion, understanding our human connection, serving a higher cause and living with dignity and integrity.

A Field Guide to Giving Your Canine Companion the Best Life Possible
by Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce

UNLEASHING YOUR DOG: A Field Guide to Giving Your Canine Companion the Best Life Possible by Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce newworldibrary.comCompanion dogs; they’re nonjudgmental, good listeners after a tough day at the office, and good motivators to get us humans off the couch and outdoors. There are so many benefits to having these canine companions in our lives. Unleashing Your Dog builds on the latest research in canine science and provides many practical ways that allow dogs to exercise their senses, in addition to exercising their brains and their muscles. Bekoff and Pierce show that it is possible to let dogs be dogs without wreaking havoc on our own lives. They begin by illuminating the true nature of dogs and helping us “walk in their paws.” They reveal what smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing mean to dogs and then guide readers through everyday ways of enhancing a dog’s freedom in safe, mutually happy ways. The rewards, they show, are great—for dog and human alike.




NECKSMITH™ necksmith-neck-tractionsupportFrom a sustained injury to wanting to avoid one to traveling comfortably, Necksmith™ can help alleviate the neck pain; especially from car travel, long flights or even your staycation. Necksmith™ is the only FDA-approved cervical traction device that instantly relieves acute and chronic pains by gently stretching and relaxing your shoulder and neck without the inconvenience of being inverted in a fixed position for extended periods of time. Portable and easy to take on the go, Necksmith features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ideal for travel, work, and home
  • Reduce stress, headaches, migraines, and pressure
  • Corrects posture aiding debilitating neck & back pain
  • EZ Air pump included – inflate quickly and easily
  • Soft fabric for extra comfort
  • Ergonomic design
  • Doctor & Chiropractor recommended
  • $59.95