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Life in the Afterlife
by Owen Waters

light tunnel

The conquest of fear is one of the primary reasons for life on Earth. Without it, the doorway to the next primary lesson, that of unconditional love, remains closed. Ask yourself, how many people fail to follow their true calling in life because of fear? When people incarnate into this world, they leave behind an […]


Suffering is Optional
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

We have many desires that we cannot fulfill which cause frustration and endless suffering. Some of these desires seem to be fundamental, for example, the desire to keep everything predictable, stable and secure. However, life is built upon Principles that often oppose our imagined needs. We then fight and resist what happens intensely, and suffering […]


If a Bear High-Fives You in the Woods … by Susan Finley – Babylon, NY

My heart was pounding, my breath was heavy, I could no longer continue on and so, I collapsed on the side of the mountain. I couldn’t believe I was so wrecked. I was at a healing retreat in Woodstock, NY, on a morning hike with my teacher, Dr. Lewis Mehl- Madrona. We were a small […]


How to Breakup With Your Cellphone
by Kathleen Burke – New Mexico


Know that I have cried at least once about this. I don’t adore my cell phone. The honeymoon ended long ago. Yes, I am fed up with the whole update, upgrade, planned obsolescence cycle. I questioned the cell phone craze from its inception, worrying that the effects on humans might be something less than healthy. […]


by Annette Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

lotus flower

We are not victims of our destiny. What exists for us in our future is purely of our own choice. True, there are elements in our lives that present themselves at times but it is still our choice to use those elements, those moments, those people who show up, those events in which to take […]


Don’t Buy into the Myth of Retirement
by George Jerjian – London, UK

Dare to Discover Your Purpose

It’s time to quit buying into the myth of “retirement”—and to buy into this instead. Ah, retirement. That long-awaited golden era of lazy lunches, rounds of golf, daily yoga and checking travel destinations off your bucket list. After decades of hard work, you’ll finally be living the dream. Right? Wrong. Sadly, retirement today isn’t the […]


Why Study Meaningful Coincidences?
by Bernard Beitman, MD – Charlottesville, VA

Meaningful Coincidences

When I ask myself why I’ve embarked on a mission to establish The Coincidence Project, the simplest answer is that coincidences are fascinating. They jolt us into an awareness of mysterious connections between ourselves and the world around us. Synchronicity and serendipity can offer opportunities. I am curious about how they work and what they […]


Primary Blocks to Your Intuitive Skills
by Tina Zion

Be Your Own Medical Intuitive

The blocks that I will discuss here are the primary ones that come up in all of my workshops and my private mentoring sessions. These are the most common struggles that I hear from people all over the world. These issues get in the way of people who yearn to do medical intuition but who […]


Alzheimer’s and Dementia: How Can You Help Your Family Members?
by Alpita Shah – Miami, FL

missing puzzle piece

Dementia is caused by forgetting where items are kept, or unable to perform basic problem solving. Affected persons cannot communicate words easily, and planning and organizing is not easy. Dementia can lead to Alzheimer’s which is known to be called Senile Dementia. The cause of Alzheimer’s is still unknown. However, a majority of cases are […]


Healthy X-rays?
by Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS, FACD, FPFA, DABOI, MAGD, FAAID, FICOI

You can’t treat what you can’t see. Dental x-rays have been around for more than 100 years and a lot has improved. There is no known “safe” levels of radiation so we have to take every precautionary step possible to reduce exposure. The million-dollar question is “do dental x-rays cause cancer?” Cosmic rays bombard the […]