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My Morning Prayers
by Andrea Randa Garvey

The Morning Prayers came about through a simple daily prayer and meditation practice. Over time the blessings grew to include many different aspects and beings for whom I felt deep gratitude. I also was seeking a way, through prayer, to be more proactive in sending out higher vibrations and joining with those who were in […]


Are You a Creator or a Reactor
by Ann Albers and the Angels – Phoenix, AZ

girl looking up at the sun holding an umbrella

My dear friends, It is time upon your earth to ask yourself, “Am I a reactor, or a creator?” Are my feelings based on reactions to what I see around me in my external world, or are my feelings based on the kinder, happier thoughts I choose to embrace in my inner world? Do I […]


9 Tips to Help the Whole Family Keep Calm & Sleep Tight
by Drs. Drew and Briana Sinatra, N.D., – Northern CA

Sleeping family in bed

If you have ever lain in bed worrying about your health, finances or even what you just saw on the evening news, you know stress is the enemy of sleep. It can happen to children, too! Worries about friends, schoolwork, and more, can make it tough for them to settle down and go to sleep— […]


The Gut Brain Connection
by Dr. Peter Kozlowski Bozeman, MT

Unfunc Your Gut

Why is it so difficult to heal your gut? When a patient schedules a visit with me, I am never the first doctor that they choose—I am usually the last resort. Most of my patients have been to their Primary Care Doctor (PCP), specialists, and alternative medicine doctors like Ayurveda practitioners or naturopaths. They’ve travelled […]


New Timeline Options
by Owen Waters Texas

multitude of people walking down path

People travel through different versions of history, each person choosing one of the many available timelines. Every once in a while those timelines converge into a meeting point where, like a big highway interchange, everyone is faced with the same major challenge. In this article, we review the timeline convergences of recent decades and their […]


Scent-sational Holiday Vibes!
by Milissa Castanza Seymour – Bethpage, NY

Nothing awakens a reminiscence like an odor. ~ Victor Hugo ’Tis the season of olfactory delights! Cinnamon, pine, citrus, and spices often bring back holiday memories. How often does emotion-laden time travel occur with a passing scent or lingering fragrance? Thanks to our olfactory system, tiny scent molecules enter the nose and are delivered by […]


Move The Mountain Without Using Your Hands
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

There are certain questions that have no answers. Yet these questions are vital and alive. They grab and plague us daily. We meet a new person and the question pops up. We make a life-changing decision and the question shouts out. We take a step into the unknown and the question stops us cold. These […]


A Christmas Story
by Patricia Bono – Scottsdale, AZ

It was a few days before Christmas of 1994. For some reason, that year, all the houses in my neighborhood were decorated with small white twinkle lights. They made the houses look as if they were surrounded by stars. It was breathtaking. It was a bitterly cold evening and snowing when my doorbell rang. I […]


Cows and Rats
by Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS, FACD, FPFA, DABOI, MAGD, FAAID, FICOI

Everyone has heard of teeth grinding and clenching. To oversimplify it, there are “cows” and “rats.” Cows chew side to side and have flat teeth. These are our grinders. Rats bite straight up and down and have pointy teeth that maintain their anatomical shape. These are our clenchers. There are generally two types of materials […]


Would You Like Less Pain and More Ease of Movement? by Cheri – founder of PARAGON Physical Therapy and ELITE Strength & Performance.

I am often asked “what is myofascial release?” Which is then followed up by “will it help ME??” Before answering these questions perhaps, it would be helpful to first explore the question of “what is fascia?” Fascia is a strong, stretchy, web-like material made up of different proteins in the body, primarily collagen. It weaves […]