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Creations Magazine April/May 2021

April/May 2021

Talking Our Walk by Neil & Andrea Garvey

In My World, All is Well by Alan Cohen

Your Built-in Power to Heal a Divided World by Lisa Hromada

How Do We Get From Tolerance to Unity? by Hope Fitzgerald

An Open Letter to Survivors of a Pandemic by Toni-Cara Stellitano

The Great Divide by Toni-Cara Stellitano

Butter and the Boomerang Effect by Dr. Will Tuttle

Peace and Happiness by Owen Waters

Resources for Natural Living


The Girl Who Baptized Herself by Meggan Watterson

The Contagion Myth A Review by Jerry Brown

Book & Product Reviews


Calendar of Events

Don’t Box Me In! by Donna Martini


*Charisma is Essential Now More Than Ever: 5 Tips for Instant Charisma by Leesa Rowland

*No Regrets Living by Harley Rotbart, MD

*Five Steps to Flow in the Kitchen by Dalia Wallach

*From Live Baby Doll to Playmate to Confidant — Growing Up with My Wacky and Wonderful Sixteen-Year-Old Mom by Stacey Aaronson

*“Lettuce” Grow Community Composting by Joy Doherty

*“Ridicruel” by Donna Martini

*The Beautiful Struggle of Friendship Navigating the Waters in 2021 by Deborah Peretz

*What “Self-Care” Really Means by Laura Khoudari

*After COVID-19. Then what? New attitudes and tools for dealing with uncertainty, impatience and a new normal by Cheryl Melody Baskin

*The New Wasteland: COVID-19’s Shameful Legacy by Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD


Do You See the Light?

PEMF: The Holy Grail For Health!!!

FREE Pet Insurance! To Help Prevent the Root Cause of Sickness and Disease

Another Leap Forward in Dental Healing: Setting A Higher Standard

Relaxation Dentistry