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Creations Magazine June/July 2022

Talking Our Walk by Neil & Andrea Garvey

Be the Creator of Your Best Life by Mary Ann Robbat

Family Now, Work Later by Steve Cook

You Shouldn’t Worry About Making Money Until Your 30’s by Eyal Danon

Dads Shut Out by The Dad’s Resource Center

Letting Life Back In by Brenda Shoshanna

Orthorexia is Not Good for Your Health by James M. Greenblatt, MD

Taming the Inner Critic by Jim Blake

Resources for Natural Living

Eating Habits That Reduce Your Alzheimer’s Risk by Dr. Chad Larson


Help is Needed … and Offered by Betsy Whitfill

Book & Product Reviews

A Revolutionary Prescription for Healing by Patricia A. Muehsam, MD


Calendar of Events


Apply Truth In Everything You Do Until It Becomes Wisdom by Martin and Moraitis

Now Is the Time For Emotional Clearing by Annette Cravera Goggio

Thoughtful Quotes for Father’s Day from Leading Thinkers, Activists, Athletes + More
by D. Earl Johnston

6 Signs of Healthy Co-Parenting by Dads’ Resource Center

Men’s Health Considered Crucial For Baby by Ayla Barmmer, MS, RD, LDN, founder, FullWell

The Gift of Bravery: Unstoppable Confidence by Sandy Travis Bildahl

How to Build Your Own Success Toolkit for Life and Business by Shannah Kennedy

Beginning the Journey by Diane Dreher

Turn Back Your Biological Age by Dr. Francis R. Palmer III


Radical Longevity by Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS, FACD, FPFA, DABOI, MAGD, FAAID, FICOI

There is a LIFE WITHIN the Life We Live … and yet could it be we are blind to it??? by Dr. Georgeann Dau

Another Leap Forward in Dental Healing: The White Filling by Dr. Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM