Talking Our Walk

Welcome to our June / July Summer / Men’s Issue; we’ll explore Balanced Masculinity, Creative Passion, Prosperity & Abundance.

Many of us at some point in our lives, will come the moment when we ask ourselves the “big question”: What am I here for, what is my purpose? Ann Albers and The Angels make it easy:

There is a notion on your earth that you will be happier if you find your purpose. In a way, that is true. However, it is not nearly as difficult as so many of you make it. Your purpose is to love. Your purpose is to find ways to express love so you can feel the invisible love of the Divine flowing through you and becoming tangible in whatever form you choose in your physical world.

… And, at the end of your life, you will know that all you did, all you built, all you gathered, and all you learned was for one purpose only — to find, feel, and express love. If you have done that in any way, you have not lived in vain.

Approaching my 65th birthday this past April gave me pause; perhaps it’s time I rethink my purpose / direction. Traditionally, age 65 is a milestone—a major marker on the road of one’s life’s passage. Heck, a couple of months in, and I’m loving the Medicare and Social Security deal!

Next issue will begin my 20th year doing this magazine gig, following 22 spent as a “serial retailer.” Looking back, I’m guessing that my opening multiple locations was motivated by the “thrill” of the start-up — that does not motivate now in the least. But, I’m not ready to pack it in yet; new adventures in Creations Magazine world await!

Relocating to South Carolina three years ago was a geographical change of direction for Andrea and me. But, this is my first summer not playing baseball. There’s no league in my area with “kids” close to my age to play with, so I’ve traded in my bat for a pickleball paddle. No problem finding plenty of seniors to “pickle” with, though.

Peace & Prosperity All-ways,

Neil & Andrea