Talking Our Walk

Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it.
– Maimonides

We often hear from our readers and appreciate everyone’s thoughtful comments. We’d like to share two recent Letters to the Editor

I live in Syosset and shop in the Wholefoods of Jericho, where I often pick up a copy of Creations Magazine. Your August/ September 2020 copy was extremely encouraging. It gave me such great joy—I was so excited for days. This was due to your Talking Our Talk introductory note, as well as the article by Dr. Pamela Popper titled Problems with PCR Testing. What courage you all exhibited!! I am sure that writing these articles have created controversy and anger in many uninformed people.

Everything you and Dr. Pamela said is true and so powerful, truth that can set us free from what we are going through as citizens of this great country. I cannot understand how so many people cannot see the truth that is right in front of them, the truth about this virus. I hope you continue to bring the truth to the community. Lastly, An Open Letter to Our Neighbor by a LI Parent was great; sad, but at the same time extremely informative and kind. It also gave me great encouragement to see how she handled the situation.

Thank you and blessings,
Yara, Syosset, NY

… and for some balance

Dear Creations Magazine,

I am looking through the August/September 2020 issue and I am deeply saddened and horrified to see all/mostly White faces. This is White Supremacy masquerading as self-transformation/self help in 2020, and it needs to change. I implore you to make the magazine more diverse and more multicultural, please.


Hello Nelson,

There may be others who share your concerns, so we greatly appreciate the opportunity to address this. Please be assured you need not feel “deeply saddened and horrified”. The initial question that comes to mind is: “Other than looking at the photos, have you been reading Creations Magazine for any of the past 33 years?” As our tagline reads, we’re in the business of Inspiration | Holistic Health | Personal Growth. These are universal states of being which are not limited to the province of particular ethnicities. To that end, we publish editorial based on content, not pigmentation. The criteria is quality, topic and timeliness. We will be neither shamed nor apologetic. EVERYONE has an equal opportunity to submit articles, essays and poetry—you simply need to email them. We all benefit from diversity of perspectives; if it’s a good fit for a particular issue, we’ll run it either in print and/or online. The wide majority of our submissions arrive without headshots; therefore, I do not know the skin tone. We request images only when we have interest in a submission.

If however, a visual will allay your concerns, I invite you to take a look at the June / July 2020 Issue (the issue just prior to the one you referenced), where you will find a two-page interview with Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams. If you don’t have a print copy, please visit our Archives on www. To cite more examples would move us all deeper into a place of separation, rather than reminding us that we are all ONE connected human species united by our loving hearts and Creator.

You need not fear. In peace you will hear your guidance. In peace you will be steered to safety. In peace you are protected. In peace you become a soothing force that calms both hearts and minds…you have more power within your being than you can ever imagine. Practice being at peace, and you will experience peace, no matter the external conditions.

– Ann Albers

Every day is a “gift of opportunities.”
In Peace All-ways,

Neil & Andrea