Talking Our Walk

Welcome and thanks for joining us for our April / May Spring “Women’s” Issue. The month of May brings, along with “sunshine and flowers,” Mother’s Day. I’ve never been much of a fan of “Hallmark Holidays,” however, with my own mom now long-passed, this season carries an increasing poignancy each succeeding year.

My mom and I were close, and according to those who knew us both, a lot alike. Perhaps that would explain our sometimes “quarrelsome” relationship. With our April birthdays just a day apart, these two Aries rams (who were both always right) could bang heads, “to beat the band,” as mom would say. I was particularly skillful at driving this woman into fits of anger that no other human could approach.

This, I am not proud of. But ultimately, she knew I loved her dearly, and she deeply valued (most times) my honesty. My mom-in-spirit also knows that my love, admiration and appreciation for her continues to grow. Of course, virtually all moms confer great influence on their children (for good, and sometimes, not so good). But because my dad transitioned early on, mom was everything for her three young children.

My mom’s legacy guides me daily. While we argued more often than was healthy, I find myself quoting her wisdom almost every day. One of my faves: “It’s easier to be nice, than nasty; it takes far more effort and energy to be nasty. “And besides,” she would add, “it makes me happy to make other people happy.” Perfectly simple, profoundly impactful. My brother beautifully eulogized my mom’s life and legacy at her funeral in 2008:

Increasingly, the Mainstream Media largely delivers, with little deviation, the mainstream narrative. Creations Magazine has traveled an alternative track for the past 34 years. Each issue, our intention is not to reinvent the wheel, but rather to bring you thought-provoking, positive, and perspective-expanding editorial that you won’t readily find in other outlets. To this point, we offer, for your careful consideration, these two pieces:

A very timely addition landed courtesy of Hope Fitzgerald: From Tolerance to Unity…How Do We Get There? Hope provocates, “I know this is a touchy subject, but given the state of our stressed-out brains, could we have been perceiving clearly enough to know if the broadcasters, doctors, businessmen and politicians who have been in charge have been telling the truth? Might it be that we’ve been too ensconced in our collective amygdala to have noticed any inconsistencies and/or power shifts that may have taken place?” Plying a positive note, she intones “Evolution is a series of chaotic moments, followed by a re-organization into a higher order than the previous status quo.”

Jerry Brown reviews The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease. This one may well turn your shorts inside-out. Author, Dr. Thomas S. Cowan explains that “Viruses are not here to kill us; in reality they are exosomes whose role is to provide the detoxification package and the communication system to live a full and healthy existence. A war on virus is a war on life and a war on the forward evolution of humanity. These “viruses” are not invaders but toxin gobbling messengers that our cells produce to help us adjust to environmental assaults, including electrosmog. Exosomes are the scientific basis for challenging the notion of contagion.” I don’t watch TV, but has anyone made mention of this on the Alphabet outlets?

Peace, and Health All-ways,
Neil & Andrea