Talking Our Walk February/March 2020

Let your heart speak to other’s hearts

Welcome to the February / March “Relationships” Issue—historically, our most popular edition.

This past December, Andrea & I had the great pleasure to meet and speak with bestselling author and Presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson during her campaign fundraiser, at The Holistic Center for Soulful Living in Smithtown, NY.

The enjoyment wasn’t so much about the “tingle” of meeting someone who we’ve read, admired, and have published in these pages. Rather, the real thrill was, and remains, experiencing the collective emotions of sheer joy, upliftment, and hopefulness from a room full of heartcentered folks sharing the vision of a healed world, where ALL people (and all living things) enjoy equal freedoms and the opportunity to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

This emotion, so evident in the watery eyes of many attendees, was born of the dedication, commitment, and courage in Marianne’s message. In the spirit of sharing, we highlight some key points reflecting what we think, and hope, is what most citizens of this planet sincerely desire:

Small random acts of kindness need to become huge strategized acts of doing the right thing.

When a humanitarian bottom line replaces an economic bottom line, both the state of the economy and the state of our humanity will improve.

Universal Healthcare and Free College

We can’t solve the problem with the same consciousness that created the problem. Government funds the problem creators, not the problem solvers.

Politics is a collective behavior. There has been a chronic disengagement of spiritually-centered people from the
political arena.

Revelations of a year and a half in the belly of the beast: The System is more corrupt than I knew, and People are more beautiful than I had hoped.

We’d also like to pass along a few cogent thoughts by our very good buddy, Swami Beyondananda (aka Steve Bhaerman).

  • While other candidates are resigned to war as a necessary evil, Marianne’s Department of Peace will establish peace as a necessary good.
  • She will restore the missing ingredient in government of, by and for the people – the PEOPLE.
  • She has the soundest investment advice of any candidate – investing in our children is investing in our future.
  • America needs a “return to love” – and NOW is the time because it is too late to do it sooner.

Many will consider these notions radical—even outrageous. Regardless your affiliation, these are not partisan priorities. They are universal rights, which when fully allowed for, will help create a happier and healthier planet for all.

And in related “news” we draw your attention to Donna Martini’s article, Does Ridiculing Others in Public Make Us Feel Better About Ourselves?. “We can clean up our public act, and we should take the need to do so as seriously as any other wellness threat that challenges us… As soon as we become a movement of millions united and prepared to be the change we want to see, we will give way to leaders who are prepared to do the same.”

I know—it’s mind-boggling crazy, but heck, give Marianne Williamson’s advice a try anyway and Love with conviction.

Peace All-ways,

Neil and Andrea