Talking Our Walk August/September 2018

Andrea amd Neil

When you come to the fork in the road, take it. – Yogi Berra

Every now and then Andrea and I happen upon an image, like the one on this cover, that is just too irresistible for us to pass up. The instant I saw this photo, my mind immediately connected to the “Yogism” above, proclaimed by the late, great sage, and NY Yankees legend, Yogi Berra. Ordinarily, we’ll start with a working cover title and then conjure up the art that helps convey the message. This time, the image absolutely screamed the headline.

Our August-September “Back to School” Issue is all about “Lessons and New Beginnings.” What better instruction to pass along, than to encourage seekers of all stripes to seize an opportunity (that fork in the road) when it presents itself.

The push here is for us to be proactive; to “take” action and make our desires manifest.
On more occasions than not, many of us wait for the “perfect” time to get started— when all the conditions are “just right.” We delay starting a project, taking that trip, reading / writing a book, exercising, learning to play a musical instrument, etc. Of course you know the inherent flaw in this line of thinking: all the conditions will rarely be “perfectly aligned” and you just may find yourself perpetually stuck in neutral.

Our de facto resident “instructor,” Alan Cohen, advises us that “Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” In other words, just get started, and the details will reveal themselves. Everything starts at the beginning—obviously, it can’t be any other way. As many will surely attest, Alan’s articles are a must-read: please enjoy his latest offering on page 6, When Seekers Become Finders.

Mark Twain cautioned us a long time ago that “twenty years from now we’ll regret the things we didn’t do more than the things we did do.” As we progress through our lives, we’ll discover that all those years tend to pass quickly. The wise Yogi (Berra) echoed the undeniable: “It gets late, early.” Forever sit on the sidelines waiting, and most assuredly nothing will happen— except for the passing of “twenty years.”

Now, please, a little house-keeping:

Item 1. With our first four monthly meetings in the books, our Health and Environmental Group continues to grow. The next two meetings are August 15 and September 19.

Item 2. Speaking to long-time readers, I’ve learned that many of you are not availing yourselves of the additional articles on

We post a new article online every week, so by the end of each two-month issue, there’s another 10 or so new articles that you’ve been missing. But all is not lost—actually nothing is lost—every article from every issue over the past 13 years can be accessed in our Archives.

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Take that fork!
Neil and Andrea


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