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What Virus Do You Feed?
by Andrea Randa Garvey
Co-publisher, Creations Magazine


Everything that exists is in a state of vibration, and if it has a vibration it has a sound. We may not be able to hear it, but nevertheless, the sound is there and can be measured in Hz (Hertz).

Not only do objects have a vibration, but also thoughts and emotions, as well as bacteria and viruses. When we feed a certain vibration through our energy, i.e., our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, we make that vibration stronger.

Quantum Physics has shown through the Observer Effect that particles will behave differently (as waves) when observed. So the observer affects reality. In this time of amped up fear, it is important that we choose what to feed: fear or love.

Our choice of whether to indulge in fear or manifest a state of love, will affect the outcome of this Corona event. My choice is to send COVID-19 the energy of LOVE. Many of our spiritual practices instruct us to love our enemy. What a powerful opportunity we have now to do so. We do have—and have always had— the power to change reality. In fact, we do this every moment of every day!