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Creations Magazine

April/May 2008
Vol. 22 • Issue #2


Talking Our Walk
by Neil & Andrea Garvey

Embracing Womanhood
Weaving Your Life
by DailyOM

Reconnecting with the Great Mother
by Riane Eisler

God Without Religion
by Sankara Saranam

Subtle Energy and Women
by Meredith L. Young-Sowers

Profits that Restore the Planet
by Horst M. Rechelbacher

Lawn Care Without Pesticides
by Beth Fiteni

Create a Non-Toxic Home
by Beth Fiteni

Minding Our Mother
by Gina E. Jones

Harnessing the Energy of Spring
by Thomas Capshew

Attention Moms (Dads too): Watch Your Thoughts
by Denise Romas

The Voice of Fate vs. the Voice of Destiny
by Robert Ohotto

Building a Child’s Immunity -- As Nature Intended
by Cathy Sherman


When Nature Needs a Helping Hand
by Catherine Schillinger

Getting to the “Heart-ichoke” of It
by Chefs Catherine Bari-Petritis & Jill Engelhardt

Discovering Qigong
by Miranda Smith

Product Reviews
by Jeffrey Schiller

Music Reviews & More
by Mark Maxwell Abushady

The Oscars® and Network
by Stephen Simon

Book Reviews
by Rachel Marks

by Sudhir