The Greatest Beauty in Life
by Annette Cravera Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

Healing: A Conversation A Field Guide To Redemption Annette Cravera Goggio Forward By Dixie Yeterian

Are you a manifester? Are you surprised when something or someone you desire “suddenly” appears in front of you? Or do you wait for outcomes from lists of needs that you draw up in the back of your mind without relief?
I am here to tell you that all in your life, whether specifically what you’ve desired or generally thought needed, are appearing in front of you, albeit in different and sometimes unrecognizable form. We need only decode the symbolism of the objects, people and circumstances to see that we really are at the center of our own personal universe and in control of it.

How can I be so sure of this proclamation? Let’s look at the evidence:

Before you were born, you or your council of “elders” set out a life path of learning for you and in that discussion you chose the circumstances that would bring about that learning. Other souls came forward at that time and agreed to be a part of those circumstances for you. Lucky for you, all this discussion is lost upon entering the Earth dimension, otherwise it would be like having the answer sheet to all the test questions. Having the answer sheet would definitely ruin the fun of living here, wouldn’t it?

However, it is not necessary to live here blind to the path or the lessons one is supposed to learn, so here is a big hint: your soul urges you to use the circumstances that are created for you to learn your lessons. The soul urges you in certain directions, causes you to increase your interest in certain people, places and activities, and so you desire them specifically in your waking life and when you’re asleep at night. At some point in time, they appear (whether you like it or not!). I say, at some point, because the bringing forth of the person, the place, the activity or the object of your soul’s desire may be compromised by other, competing thoughts and feelings in you, like feeling undeserving of such a person, place, activity or object, and in putting forth such counter valence you slow the process of manifestation of what you primarily desired or nullify the primary desire all together. The universe responds to these competing desires/avoidances by manifesting non-movement for you instead of movement. The universe always responds to your thoughts and feelings, the outcome may not be recognizable as what you think you’re wanting.

Here is a case in point: Let’s say you desire more money in your life so you can go places and do things that are perceived by you as beyond your reach. You tell everyone, “I can’t go to Tahiti because I don’t have the money,” or “I can’t get a new car because I haven’t got the money,” or “I can’t buy that dress because I haven’t got the funds.” At night you pray to God, “Please God, give me more money, I need a new dress, or I need a new car, or I want to go to Tahiti with my friend.” The universe responds to both. Not sufficient funds. Things I need. The thoughts don’t produce money to buy the dress, the car or take you to Tahiti because you have repeatedly said you don’t have the money, so no new money will appear. The universe will just repeatedly show you what you desire and what your bank account tallies up to. You create non-movement because you set up that equation: no money = things I want that require money. The beauty of this situation is its confirmation of what the universe does deliver, non-movement.

So, as you look at your wardrobe, your unreliable car, and the travel catalog for that trip to Tahiti you can be sure that you will continue desiring new and better circumstances such as these things for yourself, for that is what you desire and perhaps not money at all. It helps if you stop obsessing about your perceived lack of money, for you are telling the universe you don’t need any more money for the lacking of money is what you are desiring (and who would think that!?). The new car, new dress or trip to Tahiti may come in a way surprising to you, not through more money if your soul urges you to move forward and the car, the dress, the trip are ways in which you are to do so. For instance, the new car can arrive as a gift from a deceased relative, the dress a prize for leaving your business card in a jar in your favorite dress shop, or the trip to Tahiti, your honeymoon. Each have in them promise, the promise of a new beginning, a new turn in your life, which is the design of manifestation.

If it truly is money that you desire and that fits with your life path (perhaps to be a philanthropist some day) you will get it if you don’t think you are undeserving of it, of course. If you think that, snap out of it!

Look around you. What do you see? How do you feel about what you do day-to-day, who is in your life right now? How do you feel about the place you live in: the country, the town, the neighborhood, the house or apartment (or lack of permanent address)? What you see and feel about your circumstances is your personal universe that you have created for yourself, in compliance with your desires as a soul and the slate of lessons you set out for yourself before coming. No use blaming anyone else or the universe for it. You are in charge of it. Wise advice given to me many years ago: If you want differently, do differently, meaning, start manifesting something else.

If you feel uncomfortable about any of your life circumstances and you find yourself wanting something else, visualizing something else, that is a big clue as to what is coming or what is not coming. Be clear on your thoughts and desires—are they consistent or in opposition? Change means change, so are you ready for it? Whether or not your life circumstances are uncomfortable, change or not, your current life circumstances were created by you to learn something—it’s the something that’s important.

What do all these circumstances: the place, the daily interactions with your friends, your partner, people you work with, your reactions to them, tell you about yourself?

What are the challenges to you emotionally? Therein lies the lesson. Without understanding the lesson in each part of your life, you will find yourself in similar circumstances in other towns, other social circles, other workplaces, in order to get the opportunity to see it, learn it, again.

Actually, you get this practice over and over as circumstances change, so don’t get the idea you can create a perfectly comfortable life. That’s not the point of being here! The beauty of living here in this dimension is seeing how the universe presents the specific circumstances (you desired) that your soul begs you to be in for your soul growth and fulfillment of your lesson plan.


Annette Cravera GoggioAnnette Goggio, MPH, EEMCP, holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in the health sciences and is the author of Healing: A Conversation. Her practice in energy medicine is based on the teaching of Dixie Yeterian, renowned clairvoyant and healer, and Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine. To learn more please visit:

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