NEW EARTH 3D to 5D is the new REALITY!
by Noelle Hipke

Welcome to the NEW EARTH! If you are still here … you are one of the strong ones.  We have been challenged, charged and changed forever. All those highs and lows, ups and downs weren’t for nothing. It was to help you move to the next level in life. Every single one of you doing the inner work is making magic happen. You are the ones lifting the vibration on this planet to levels it has never reached before.

And you know what is happening? More and more people are waking up. Your energy is infectious! Those asleep can’t help but be affected by the energy you are emitting. Keep up the good work. Stay in your true alignment at all costs. Celebrate the little things. Celebrate everything. 3 green lights in a row on the way to meet someone, a smile from someone walking by, getting something unexpectantly by surprise. The universe is sending you messages every day. Are you paying attention? Sure people are going to knock you off your alignment, but the mastery is jumping right back into the vortex. Living in true alignment sends out a wave of creativity. A universal energy flow moving into you, through you and emitting from you.  Are you riding the wave?

The NEW EARTH is all about creating our future in the now. Moving into the highest vibration you can achieve. When you are at high vibration you become one with everything. You can sense and see things you normally cannot. This is when symbolism, colors, sounds and energy reading comes into play. You understand concepts automatically without judgment. Its utter magic moments one right after the other. When you become light, you emit that light and people around you begin to respond positively.

You can test it each day. Notice how people respond to you when you make it an extra point to say something affirming to them. People light up, and then you light up. It’s a fabulous energy exchange. When I started to vibrate really high, at one point I began to wonder if I was going to become see through. I literally felt myself metamorphosizing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

We create the present and we create the future. Use your visionary capabilities to create anything you want! Yes, that’s right! You have had it in you all along. Now is the time to access that power point and bring out your Superpowers!

Noelle Hipke Noelle Hipke is author of the upcoming book Release Superpowers ~ A Journey to Self Health. Noelle guides readers on how to switch up their superpowers and follow their soul mission by unveiling the invisible details that teach you how to control your frequency, tap into unseen abilities using new concepts and futuristic, non traditional methods. For more info: Noelle is a composer of written and visual creative healing artistry, giving humans a fresh perspective to see and feel the invisible and heal on a global level. She has authored engineering proposals, websites, social media artistry, print newsletters, email campaigns, graphic art, video content channels and poetry. Noelle has been doing press/media/photography for the Newport Beach Film Festival since 2008 and has been a Seniors Real Estate Specialist helping seniors downsize and transition to the afterlife. She is an ascension visionary leading trailblazer helping build the foundation of the New Earth.


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