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lotus flower

Let Life Unfold and Guide Us
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

February 23, 2024

A big snowstorm was predicted for today. So many warnings, we may lose electricity, heavy winds coming. All kinds of concerns and yet when you really look and see the beauty of the snowflakes falling you forget the dire predictions. And, right now, as I look through the window, to my surprise, the snow has […]


The Old Charmer
by Gary Opas – Long Island, NY

February 3, 2024

“The sea was angry that day. Angry like an old lady who… “Mildred cleared her throat in a particularly loud manner. “You’d better choose your next words very carefully.” Jack gave her his most charming look, which over the sixty years they had been married, had diffused many of the milder bouts of annoyance that […]

A New Universal Dream by Steve Farrell

Higher Love Begins with You
by Steve Farrell – Boulder, CO

January 30, 2024

Higher love is the kind of joyful, fulfilling, authentic, and emotionally intimate love we all desire. If your mind immediately conjures an image of your romantic partner or crush when you read “higher love,” you’re not alone. In our society, romantic love is often the most idealized. But the ultimate love is the love of […]