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Holiday Spirit

The Broken Paths
by Sharon Sala

January 15, 2022

I don’t know who needs to read this today, but Spirit was insistent that I write it. So I do, because I am a messenger. The collective consciousness of the world at this time in history holds the energy of pandemics, grief, failed relationships, vaccine and mask mandates, climate disaster, political and religious divisions, and […]

Spirituality for Busy People by Justin S. Grant
Holiday Spirit

Spirituality For Busy People
by Justin S. Grant

January 7, 2022

Evolution of consciousness is the very purpose of the Universe. Beyond ordinary physical senses, human beings possess a spiritual sensibility, which can be triggered and electrified by any genuine form or expression of Divinity. Spirituality involves the conscious act of alignment with the life energy and soul light that animates dynamic form. Spiritual living is […]

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Holiday Spirit

Activate Peace Now
by Randi Levin

December 6, 2021

I like to be mindful when certain words and concepts make a memorable entrance into my coaching practice and into my life. That word of the moment is PEACE. On the surface, finding peace may seem like a way to step back and pause, to not care, or to compromise. Look again. Peace is a […]