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Change is Good

Transitioning and Honoring the Loss of a Pet
by Cheryl Lazarus

October 9, 2021

At age 16, my cat Magic was ready to go. After a stage IV kidney diagnosis, I had kept him stable and thriving for a year and a half with energy clearings and realignments, prayers, and the probiotic adzoyl. Our bond was strong; he was a soul mate and a healer. Magic had “allowed” me […]

An Uncompromised Life
Change is Good

How People Can Overcome Trauma and Live a Life Of Clarity
by Colleen Gallagher – Los Angeles, CA

October 5, 2021

Trauma is becoming a mainstream topic as we are beginning to understand how our past still creates our present and future reality. Think about events that have occurred within your past, from how you were raised, what school teachers  told you, what bosses or managers told you, being cut from the sports team, a family […]

WISDOM Is BLISS Four Friendly Fun Facts That Can Change Your Life
Change is Good

Creativity Gets It Done 
by Robert Thurman

October 5, 2021

Creativity is essential to getting something done. In the Buddha’s time, he wanted people to start a new way of life, to begin a scientific, psychological, and social ethical revolution—so he encouraged their creativity and mobilized their creative energy. Before he became Buddha, the buddha-to-be Siddhartha’s initial creativity manifested as an explanation to his horrified […]