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Defense and Justification Come from Insecurity: True Power Comes from Accepting Yourself
by Ann Albers and the Angels – Phoenix, AZ

Take a deep breath. Relax into your deeper truth. You want to love. You want to enjoy the variety life offers and choose from it what you enjoy and what you wish to create. You want to listen to your God-given inner compass and do what feels right to you. You never intended to be […]


Charisma Will Enhance Your “Resume”
by Leesa Rowland – New York City

We are taught many lessons and develop many qualities and traits, but none are as uniquely important as discovering and nurturing your individual charisma factor that is already nestled deep inside of you. Charisma truly is the icing on the cake of a great foundation! It is an extremely important trait that can make a […]


There is Great Value in Relaxation
by Ann Albers and the Angels – Phoenix, AZ

Imagine you are sitting by a clear mountain stream. The air is pure and clear. Take a deep breath and revel in the feeling of the air flowing into your lungs. Release gently. Feel a slight coolness in the air mingling with the warmth of the sun. Imagine your bare feet on the smooth rocks […]


Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court Being Prepared
by Arthur Firstenberg – Santa Fe, NM


In the fall of 2018 the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico awarded franchises to five telecommunications companies for the purpose of placing both fiber-optic cables and 5G antennas in the streets and on the sidewalks of our fair city. Immediately the Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety, which has been working against […]


Are You Ready to Take Off Your Mask?
by Alan Cohen

HoT Air Balloon

As I was checking out of a grocery store, I asked the clerk if she was looking forward to removing her mask when our state releases its mask requirement soon. “I’ve kind of gotten used to it,” she replied. “I might keep wearing it even after I don’t have to.” Her response reminded me of […]


by Ann Albers – Phoenix, AZ

women holding binoculars

As the human race continues your transition into the 5D reality, you are learning a very different way of living —one that has always been the way the universe truly works, but one that is more obvious than ever before. Your focus determines your thoughts. Your thoughts (or silent mind) tune you into a vibration, […]


What Will You Do With Your Life Now? by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

As the pandemic recedes, we are all looking forward to reclaiming something like the life we once knew. But could one of the purposes of the pandemic be to direct us to a life better than the one we knew? While many people hope the world returns to normal, that could be the worst of […]


Can a Book from the School Library Change Your Life?
by Elizabeth Gould

A School Library is Like the Bat Cave: it’s a safe fortress in a chaotic world, a source of knowledge and the lair of a superhero. ~ Tom Angleberger As with any book, let’s start at the beginning, which happens to be my beginning as well. When I was nine years old, I decided there […]


Your Child’s First Teacher and Learning Companion
by Carmen Viktoria Gamper

Mothers, fathers, or primary caregivers play an important role as a child’s first teacher. Parents teach their children how to eat with a fork and knife, tie their shoelaces, and brush their teeth. Later, they might teach them how to play basketball, tell time, and bake cookies. For parents who are homeschooling, the list of […]


5 Ways to Make Sex a Spiritual Practice
by Lisa Marie Rankin – Boston, MA

Think back to a blissful day or night of lovemaking. Hopefully, you experienced physical pleasure and emotional connection. Those are generally the reasons we desire sex. However, you might have also experienced a sense of timelessness, unification of body, mind, and spirit, and at the time of orgasm, a loss of self. In fact, the […]