The Great Return
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

Here we are, at the end of summer, preparing to return to home to routines, to friends, to the next phase of the year. Everything returns. It has to.

Autumn, waits in the wings, on the cusp of returning. Autumn leaves slowly change and return to the earth. The baby returns again and again to its mother’s arms. Students return to school, husbands to wives, friends to times together.

We return to those we love and hold dear, and sooner or later, families, too, return to one another, celebrating important occasions.

The rhythms of our life cannot be avoided. There is a time to venture forth on our own into the larger world and a time to return.

Our daily lives reflect this as well. We sleep, we awaken, and we engage in our lives’ endless activities. But these activities can become heavy on us; cause stress and confusion, leave little space to breathe. When this happens, it is because we haven’t taken time to respect our deepest rhythms and need, the need to return to ourselves, to silence and to what is most important in our lives.

We haven’t included time to be refreshed from within our own inner wells. Without including this time of return in our lives daily, it is easy to become overwhelmed, not have space to see clearly or to respond appropriately to all that is going on. It is easy to feel that life is an endless, meaningless whirl of activities. It is not. We must simply stop and refresh at the still point within.

Certain spiritual practices demand a time of return, of turning around and facing your life, your spirit and destiny. During this time we make friends with all that has gone on and is coming ahead.

Some of us do this routinely, and many do not. We do not realize that the deepest source of relaxation, health, peace and sound guidance is waiting for us within. We need only to include a time of return in our lives daily. This is a time to step away from the hurricane of calls, demands, activities, projects, and meet the Great One who lives within. Then when the time is ready, we can return to the point of origin, and taste the beauty who we really are.


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