“There are No Enlightened Men or Women —Only Enlightened Moments”
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

Many of us engage in practice in order to become better, smarter, stronger, more enlightened. There’s the fundamental feeling that as we are, something is wrong. We’re not okay, something fundamental is missing. This deep unease propels us into all kinds of struggles, fights, sorrow and unwise decisions. The compulsion to prove ourselves arises. We must be better than others, demand acclamation and rewards.

As we show both ourselves and the world how good we are, we feel that our lives will finally be worthwhile. We’ll then be deserving of love. As if our value is in question, and that love must be earned. Needless to say this places us on a treadmill, where at any moment, our value can disappear. The least mistake, rejection or misstep throws us back into distress.

However, this wonderful teaching by Joko Beck from the world of Zen points us in a brand new direction. “There are no enlightened men or women,” tells us that all of us are constantly subject to change. We are not static creatures, who must cling to a fixed identity that we have to prove night and day. There is no need to strive for perfection, and guard it with all our might. This does not mean that we are doomed, either. Just the opposite. The second sentence of the quote, holds the key.

“There are only enlightened moments.” Moments of enlightened come, moments of clarity, joy, aliveness appear. They appear when we let go of our self centered absorption and impossible expectations and simply enter the moment as it is. When we stop judging ourselves night and day and become available to life, become one with the moment, enlightenment, fulfillment and wisdom are right there. They are always there waiting. All of life is about simple moments that come and go. When we don’t cling to the moment or try to change it, our life opens as a flower, bringing beauty and fragrance to all.

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