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by Jeffrey S. Stephens and Ronald Raymond

THE ROAD TO SPLITSVILLE by Jeffrey S. Stephens and Ronald Raymond

The following is an excerpt As you move through your divorce and toward your new life, it will be incredibly helpful if you take some time to identify the qualities about which you and your partner were in synch from early on, and those where you experienced a disconnect. Examine how these things developed and […]


NEW EARTH 3D to 5D is the new REALITY!
by Noelle Hipke

Welcome to the NEW EARTH! If you are still here … you are one of the strong ones.  We have been challenged, charged and changed forever. All those highs and lows, ups and downs weren’t for nothing. It was to help you move to the next level in life. Every single one of you doing […]


Who Would You Be If You Didn’t Know Your Age? by Barbara Berger, Copenhagen, Denmark

The whole idea of “aging” is such an interesting concept. So let’s take a look at what the idea of “aging” actually means. This is a good thing to do, especially if the idea is bothering you or if you feel like you’re getting older. Bnecause in reality, the whole idea of “aging” is a […]


Fear Can Be Your Friend (Undoing Catastrophic Expectations)
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

lotus bud

The Question Fear Is Really Asking Each time fear comes, underneath all its bluster, the question it is truly asking is, “Can you see me for what I am? Will you learn to grow strong as a result of our encounter? Are you able to tap into your endless resources, stand up to me, or […]


Lasso the Sun for Maui
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Maui got its name from the legendary Hawaiian demigod. Myth tells that Maui’s mother complained to him that she did not have enough sun to finish planting her crops. So Maui scaled the sacred volcano Haleakala, cast a huge lasso into the sky, and kept the sun from setting until his […]


How Many Miracles Do You Get?
by Alan Cohen, Hawaii

“We prayed for a long time to get pregnant, and I thought I never would,” Sara told me. “Then I finally conceived and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Now, several years later, we would like to have another baby, and again we are having a hard time. Do you think we used up […]


How to Talk with Your Kids About Meditation
by Kelly Smith – Minneapolis, MN


Start a meditation practice, and lead by example. One of the best ways to open a conversation about meditation with your child is to let them see you meditating or exploring mindfulness in your ev­eryday life. Be honest with your kids about why you meditate, how you do it, and what you feel like the […]


The Joy of Combining Travel with Service — and How to Do It.
by Melanie Sue Hicks

Incongruent: Travel, Trauma, Transformation

The smell of fresh tortillas and homemade refried beans wafted through the air. The scorching sun beat down on us as we made our way to the center of the town square. As I turned to stand in my appropriate place on the small stage, I was enthralled with the site of the crowd gathering […]


Fishing with Dad
by Susan Marie Davniero (Deceased)

man with fishing rod next to someone in boat

In honor of Father’s Day, and in memory of my Dad, Gerard Fischetti It was on Long Island’s Captree Beach at dawn that summer when my Dad and I went fishing with my two sisters. I flip flopped across the sand, trailing Dad’s swift steps towards the fishing pier, while dragging the fishing pole Dad said […]


Unwrap the Gifts From Your Father
by Judy Wilkins-Smith

Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint: A Powerful Guide to Transformation Through Disentangling Multigenerational Patterns

If mothers are traditionally considered to be the source of life and flow, fathers are often regarded as the hunters, providers, and the ones who introduce us to the ways of the world. Times are changing, but the essence of the male energy remains crucial to the creation, sustenance and joy of life. Some of […]