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Letting Life Back In — Becoming Whole
by Brenda Shoshanna – NYC

lotus bud

Wherever you are and whoever you’re in a relationship with at this moment, is your spiritual practice. This is your doorway to connecting with life, letting go of loneliness and separation, becoming whole once again. There Is Always Companionship Waiting We don’t only practice when we’re sitting quietly by ourselves or with our selected community. […]


Tantra’s Radical Self-Love
by Yogini Gopika (Kim Williams) – India

Tantra is known as a path that worships Devi: Sanskrit for Goddess, she who is heavenly. It is a path that honors the divine feminine in all her manifestations. While meditating on this, I realized that one of Tantra’s main precepts of self-acceptance is totally in line with the motherly quality of unconditional love. That deep […]


A Revolutionary Prescription for Healing
by Patricia A. Muehsam, MD

What if there were a simple, effortless way to feel well and to thrive? What if there were a simple, effortless way to heal from illness and to shift challenging circumstances in your life? Well, there is. You don’t need to struggle. You don’t need to try to change things or make things happen. It […]


Elephants, Women and Subjugation
by Sangita Iyer

two elephants

The parallels between the mistreatment of women and elephants in India are all too obvious. Despite the advancements, women are still exploited for dowry—money, goods, or an estate that a wife brings to her husband at marriage. Elephants are likewise subjugated and forced to perform in cultural festivals to quell man’s insatiable lust for material […]


Revelations on Healing: What One Doctor Discovered Channeling Messages for His Patients
by Peter Wisch, M.D.

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Maintaining and achieving good health might be perceived as obvious to some and obscure to others. Why are some blessed with well-being while others must struggle to be well? By means of channeling higher wisdom, the answer to that question is more straightforward than you might imagine. We are all endowed with unique constitutions at […]


Primary Blocks to Your Intuitive Skills
by Tina Zion

The blocks that I will discuss here are the primary ones that come up in all of my workshops and my private mentoring sessions. These are the most common struggles that I hear from people all over the world. These issues get in the way of people who yearn to do medical intuition but who […]


by Andrea Garvey – South Carolina

yoga pose

As we work though our yoga practice, there are times when we feel we have reached a plateau – that place where everything seems to have leveled out and not much is happening. It may frustrate us and so we try even harder and then may become even more frustrated when we don’t see the […]


My Dream for Peace
by Cheryl Melody Baskin

Imagine: A day will come when those who have the power to destroy the world suddenly feel a transformational shift in their hearts to save the world. Believe: A day will come when every heart on earth opens to the healing energy of love, kindness, compassion, empathy, diversity celebration and peace. Dream: A day will […]


Just a Thought 
by Dr. Amy Johnson

I have been listening to people tell me about their struggles, fears, insecurities, insights, hopes, and wishes for as long as I can remember. First, as the friend whom everyone loved to confide in. Later, as the neighborhood bartender. Following that, as a social psychologist. And, for the past fifteen years, as a professional coach […]


Time to Let Go? Cutting the Cord to a Former Relationship
by Cyndi Dale

Chakra Healing byCyndi Dale

When the calendar flips, it’s time. If you’re unattached romantically, it’s time to open to a new love. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do if you’re obsessing over a former flame. There are lots of tricks for getting over yesterday’s companion. Think of how much time you’ve wasted pursuing activities like hating on the past, drinking […]