We Are All Equal
by Donna Martini – Oyster Bay, NY


This planet and our universe treat us equally, yet we humans seem to have a ranking system in place. The more in power people are, the more we revere them. The more education and money others have, the more they are given our respect. And the more popular, beautiful, and gifted a person is, the more adoration we lavish upon them. We even have an order of importance for animals.

Consequently, many in our population consciously and/or unconsciously categorize themselves in a lower, “ordinary” or even below normal status based on their lack of education, fame, fortune, talent, and beauty. Whether this is a real or perceived notion doesn’t seem to matter. Low self-esteem and self-love are somewhat implied by our ranking system, and for some, it will take a lifetime of self-reflection to get them back.

The truth is, as unique and extraordinary as we each are, some people will never even try to rise. Feeling thwarted by society’s viewpoint, many recoil and never attempt to outdo their mediocre opinion of themselves. This is such a loss for everyone.

We can consciously change this cultural notion, though. And we are trying with our little ones by helping them to understand what is truly important about their actions and their lives. We are teaching them about the ripple … how it takes only one to start a cavalcade of positive energy and change. We need, though, to keep expanding on these acknowledgements. We need to let them know there is no special talent necessary to love, to be good, do good, and spread goodness. We are all innately gifted in this way and only a decision to be the best we can be will automatically make us stalwart leaders and influencers.

Let’s remind them they don’t have to be a senator to present a bill or change a law. There is no need for a professional title or letters after their name to help others heal or to introduce new and brilliant concepts which can reverse the woes of our world. They don’t need money to have a positive influence over large numbers of people. And nowadays, fame can come from a 15-second blooper video, so how inordinately gifted do we really need to be?

In my lifetime, I have learned life lessons from a four year old. I have gained more reward from my pro bono work than anything I ever did for money. I have sat with those who are homeless or in prison and cried and prayed brilliant healing prayers in the same way I do with multi-millionaires. Without letters after my name, I have helped a multitude of people and not because I am so smart or talented. It is because my desire to love them allowed for Higher Knowing to grace me with wisdom I could have never achieved through a simply human education.

It was that wisdom, too, which offered my greatest realizations: that we are all equal; we are all teachers; and we all have the ability to rise to our highest human potential. More importantly, I have gained a deep understanding that the only ranking system the universe acknowledges is the one we create for ourselves.

Donna Martini has spent over 25 years educating the public about love, forgiveness, and everything wellness. With her trademarked seminars called Positive Manipulation®, she helps thousands learn how to utilize their innate gifts, spiritual prowess, and human potential. She has authored two books, her first, The Ten Commandments of Divorce, helps separating and divorced couples maintain their marital vow to love and honor for the sake of their children. Her second, My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras, offers readers 369 uplifting messages to help them achieve their most positive mindset. Recently she added songwriter and video producer to her achievements with her critically acclaimed music video, “One Nation’s Heart” which she hopes will promote unity for our country. Donna’s latest creation is MantraMouse—a cartoon activist who reminds people of all ages how good it feels to be good. You can see Donna’s work and the MantraMouse cartoons on mantramouse.com https://www.facebook.com/donna.martini.7



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