Problem in a System that Profits from Its Existence by Alex Lubarsky – Cedarhurst, NY

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The driver of the blue minivan spoke only a few words of English, and with a heavy Italian accent.

He pulled up, as I was putting quarters into a parking meter, and was about to go into a nearby office for a meeting. The sharply dressed young man rolled down the passenger window, leaned toward it, and asked me for directions to Kennedy Airport. We were on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, NY, so I did my best explaining how to get to the Van Wyck Expressway from where we were standing, taking his unfamiliarity with the language and area, into consideration.

Grazie, he said enthusiastically. And just as he began pulling away, cobbling together a few English words, he explained that he was coming from a fashion show in NYC, and was on his way to catch a flight back to Milan. Also, there were some leftover Armani leather jackets, that he did not want to schlep back, and offered to give them to me.

At a very nominal price.

Now, I grew up in the Soviet Union till I was ten, and have experienced my share of shysters there. I also lived in New York, for some twenty five years after that, and have been on the losing end of some very slick operators. So, I am not someone you would call inexperienced, or credulous by any means. But he got me. I bought two jackets, with Armani, stamped all over the inside lining.

It was only when I got them home, and saw those jackets without all the excitement and emotion clouding my vision, that it dawned on me that I was bamboozled.

But that was just a few hundred dollars, and for what I consider, a valuable life lesson. It’s much worse, when a sham costs us the quality of our life, and ability to enjoy those things that truly matter.

Take for example the popular sham that convinces us to pay $14,000 to $20,000 dollars per year for something that is misrepresented as “health” insurance. For that money you get an annual physical ($250 value) that looks not for deficiencies and toxicity that could perhaps help you avoid illness entirely, but early stages of disease models that can be managed for the duration of your life.

It’s kind of like bringing your car in for service. But instead of topping off the engine oil, filling up the gas tank, replacing worn brake pads, or a clogged air filter, they tell you to come back when it actually breaks down, and there’s something serious to fix.

And, it’s not about prevention or early detection, it’s about living life at the very peak level of health expression right now. Making sure that your body has all the nutrients necessary for optimal function. That there is nothing interfering with the biochemical process, like heavy metal toxicity, a tooth infection, depleted hormones, a damaged gut lining, xenoestrogens or parasites.

So, most people function at 50-75% capacity, thinking that their brain fog, poor sleep, unexplained weight gain, chronic pain, fatigue, emotional instability, cognitive decline, and skin problems are just a natural part of the aging process, when nothing could be further from the truth.

The third-party-payer bureaucracy has inadvertently created a system where disease, and not health, became the most profitable commodity, and the most likely outcome. So if you happen to be looking for the permanent resolution of your chronic illness, you will never find it in a system that profits from its existence.

If there is any possibility for a cure, any hope for permanent recovery, you must work with a physician trained in human optimization, and develop a direct client-doctor relationship. That means you will have to pay them cash on the barrel. Like you would when hiring a good attorney who needs a retainer to take on your case. Or an auto-mechanic who will take the time to make sure your engine oil is topped off and your gas tank is full.

Sure, some conditions are so far along, and the body defense systems so depleted, that recovery is unlikely in any system operating within the realm of reality. But for a large percentage of the population that is simply not the case. In many instances, the chronic condition can be permanently resolved, when that is the actual goal—and when you’re working with a doctor who has made it their life mission to get to the root cause of a life-altering condition, throughout the art and science of human optimization.

Once you recover, and you must believe that this is a possibility, you have to engage this doctor for the duration of your life. This way, for a few hundred bucks a year, you can work together to keep you optimized, and circumvent the lifestyle diseases that we’ve come to accept as inevitable and incurable.

So by now you may be saying that sure, I can clearly see that there are two distinct systems of health care. One that is sponsored by third-party-payers, and waits for a disease state to manifest, so that it can be managed for the duration of my life. And the second, that looks to optimize the body so that it has a fighting chance to dissipate the problem at the root. With a welcome side-effect of function at the very peak level of health expression.

How then, you may be wondering, can I discern between the two systems? Fortunately, that’s simple, just ask if they accept your health insurance.

Alex LubarskyAlex Lubarsky is the founder of the Health Media Group, Inc., a company that produces the Science of Human Optimization Conference and the Physician, Inc. Mastermind, he is the author of The Art of Selling The Art of Healing: How the Rebels of Today are Creating the Healthcare of Tomorrow and Why Your Life Depends On It. In his weekly RADIO program, he interviews some of the more innovative physicians, authors and celebrities from around the nation.

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