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COVID-19 Fact Sheet
by Gabriel Cousens, MD

Dear Friends, Putting together an understanding of the COVID-19 event with all the mass hysteria, misinformation, and hyperbole is not easy. In approaching this, I’ve tried to stick with statistics and published papers; however, I’m choosing not to footnote everything because this isn’t a doctoral thesis. I share here a list of facts that give […]


Everything is Nothing
by Scott Haas – Cambridge, MA

Why Be Happy? by Scott Haas

Years spent visiting Japan changed my outlook on how I use space back home in the States. Like many people, I had tended to hold on to things, stretching back years, and while there is little or no utility or purpose to these things, I found it hard to let go.* How could I throw […]


by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

Most of the time we live our lives, waiting for tomorrow. We plan, prepare, dream and hope that our dreams will come true. Or, the opposite happens, we live in fear of what may be on the way and become frozen. What we imagine lays up ahead becomes more real than what is happening right […]


by Arthur Firstenberg – Santa Fe, NM


Here are a few reasons to NEVER use a cell phone: Damage to you. In animal experiments, even a single two-hour exposure to a mobile phone, at low power, destroyed up to two percent of the animals’ brain cells: Salford et al., “Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile […]


Getting Sleep Habits Back on Track
by Dr. Patrick Porter

sleeping woman with dog

COVID-19 assaulted both our health and familiar ways of living. As a researcher in the fields of brain and mental wellness, I examine the effects of sleep deprivation. I couldn’t help but pay close attention to the ways in which the pandemic exacerbated this already prevalent issue. Lack of sleep and physical relaxation is a […]


You Never Ask The Meaning Of Life When You’re In Love
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

lotus flower

Most of us do not see the connection between Zen practice and love. But Zen is the practice of being in love with all of life, becoming one with it, no separation. We look for meaning everywhere, find it briefly and then it leaves. A sense of hollowness arises and this search can continue endlessly. […]


The Evolution of Boys to Men Through the Decades
by P.T . Mistlberger – Vancouver, Canada

The Way of the Conscious Warrior by P.T. Mistlberger

Early twenty-first-century Western men inhabit a very complex and challenging time in history. After centuries of social and political marginalization Western women achieved a measure of status in the early twentieth century, particularly when they obtained, in some nations, the right to vote and eventually the right to run for political office as well. The […]


A Mother’s Son
by Annette Cravera Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

mother and son

Tough love be damned. What a boy needs to grow up to be a well-integrated person is an honest relationship, starting at birth, with the female of the household, his mother. What is a mother’s job? To raise her children, male or female, to be caring, thoughtful, human beings, and that job should not end […]


Use Visualization to Reclaim Your Personal Power During the Pandemic
by Janet McKee

Stressless Success by Janet McKee

Life is challenging, and especially so now. Many of us feel victim to all that’s happening with our work, our communities, and in the world at large. These hopeless feelings result from believing that we have no power over the situation around us. Sure, worry and concern are normal feelings during these unusual times. But […]


New Digital Demands Require Frontline Defense
by Dr. Rudrani Banik, MD – New York City


Whether we are teleconferencing for work, homeschooling, virtually connecting with family and friends, watching television, streaming, or gaming, screen time has become a necessary fixture in our daily routines especially with the current pandemic recommendations on social distancing. We certainly need our digital devices! However, this increased exposure to digital screens and the blue light, […]