Everyone Can Be My Teacher
by Donna Martini – Oyster Bay, NY

It has happened to all of us… we are having a conversation with someone and either we’re bored, uninterested, preoccupied, or maybe we don’t like what we’re hearing, so we zone out or look to leave the company of another.

Once, while at a business function, I was in the midst of one of these encounters and looking for a polite way to escape when I was literally stopped by higher consciousness. Three notions seemed to have been placed right into my head, one after the other:

The first was that my need to turn away was not loving or respectful. (How many times have I bored someone else with my chatter?) The second was that I had prayed in the morning for answers and guidance, and I might actually be missing it. The third was a directive: “Allow! Give them your honor; give them the power to be your messenger; to be your teacher.”

These impressions were so clear and adamant, I did what I was told! I stood there and put spiritual mojo on the conversation; meaning, I put love and God in and took me and my ego out. Then I made a conscious demand on myself to listen intently to every word.

Immediately, the conversation changed. Of course, that is in part because I changed! But the speaker’s verbal content went in a different direction as well. A minute later, I received a mind-blowing answer to that morning’s prayer. The information was so profound, I knew it was Divinely inspired.

Two lessons/reminders came that day: 1) When I ask for answers, I will receive, but if I am looking for a phone call or email from God/Soul/Universe, it ain’t gonna happen! Our guidance comes in ways we cannot predict, and so we need to empower others to work beauty in our lives. We should be on “high” alert; meaning, expect a high spiritual connection to everything and everyone, and we’ll be working in “high” gear all day long.

And 2) When we back down from ego in favor of Soul, Soul energy becomes our leading energy–our guiding force–and we can expect serendipitous events to occur. We can expect miracles!

This is Positive Manipulation®, my friends. It is the way we manipulate ourselves to stay more spiritually connected and Divinely inspired.

And before you ask, the answer is no…I did not manipulate the other person or their energy. But by manipulating myself, the energy and connection between us changed. That action actually opens the door for a soulful exchange to come through. Fortunately for me, their Soul responded to my Soul, and so I became blessed with what I needed to hear that day.

All of our exchanges have the potential to be inspirational and lifting, but we would need to allow that to happen. We would need to be present, enjoying, relishing, and gifting back to whoever is brought into our lives in each moment of our day.

If you’d like the reminder, repeat this mantra: “Everyone can be my messenger; everyone can be my teacher.” Then expect some miracles to come your way today.

Donna Martini, a long-time student of energy manipulation and quantum science, has been a wellness activist, coach, and speaker for over 30 years. She is the author of The Ten Commandments of Divorce and My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras, both available on Amazon. Her teachings include Positive Manipulation®, a process of generating our most potent, positive, and productive physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. Donna can be reached at donna@donnamartini.com. Follow her on https://www.facebook.com/donna.martini.7 Learn more at mantramouse.com.




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