“Should I Feed My Pet Table Scraps?”
by Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick

This is often an unnecessarily controversial question. Whether your pet is 5 months old or 15 years old, you should know that adding certain types of table scraps to your pet’s diet is fundamental to their health and wellbeing. But, they need to be combined with a pure, harm-free food for a pet’s diet to actually be effective.

This is coming from over 52 years of animal nutrition research, veterinary practice, and consulting with leaders on a global stage to advance animal health and welfare for our planet’s pets.

Table scraps are even a component in the Cornucopia Feeding Paradigm that I meticulously developed over five decades to give pet parents a clear roadmap for the optimal pet diet for both dogs and cats.

Why You Should Be Feeding Table Scraps

The pet food industry’s best product is misinformation. It’s no surprise that they take an anti-health position to table scraps by strongly opposing them altogether. That’s just bad science—and a waste of potentially healthy human food (if organic)—which the pet food cartel doesn’t want you to mix with a pristine Cornucopia diet; this competes with their ominous history of selling more rubbish. This is yet another example of why they can NOT be trusted as experts on pet nutrition. They are experts, however, at making staggering profits at the expense of your pet’s health.

Remember, the vast majority of pet food is made from ingredients that have been condemned by law for human consumption due to its potentially harmful effects. The most recent mind-boggling example of this fact is the recall of at least 9 million pounds of bacterial-contaminated chicken by the Tyson company. This equals over 204 tractor-loads of condemned chicken. Where do you think this disgusting, forbidden chicken is going to wind up? Take a guess!!

I’m a strong advocate for the right kind of table scraps. I detail that in my full online article: https://conta.cc/33ozKq1

The right kind of certified organic table scraps gives your pet exposure to a diversified diet that has also passed human-grade and health/quality inspections, such as Cornucopia. Human-grade organic table scraps, when combined with the strictly certified organic Cornucopia diet is a dynamic nutrition plan that not only saves you money in the long-term, but helps extend your pet’s lifespan. A diversified diet packed with an abundance of organic nutrients will help your pet live a longer, healthier life—resulting in an incredible decrease in veterinary bills!

What About Snacks?

The pet snack industry is just as dangerous as the pet food industry. Almost all pet food snacks are NOT harm-free, GMO-free, preservative-free, gluten-free, antibiotic-free, pesticide-free AND organic. Some may check a couple of these boxes, but not all. That makes the majority of them harmful. Poison is harmful; causing harm may not kill you right away, but it is poison nonetheless!

Snacks are a great tool to reward our pets for good behavior, however, that reward should not come at the expense of their lifespan and health. The same thing can be said for the snacks people give their human children. That’s why we’ve created Cornucopia Krispy Krunchies that both dogs and cats can enjoy as the only known non-toxic, non-harmful, organic, gluten-free, and preservative-free snack solution for pets. We made them travel-friendly too so you can feed them at home or on the road with ease.

Integrity, Care and Love for all of God’s children: That’s Doc Broderick and Cornucopia Food for Pets.

Creations Magazine is proud to present Dr. Geoffrey Broderick, Veterinary Surgeon, Doctor and Nutritionist, who has been providing a revolutionary alternative to pet care for over 52 years. Cornucopia is the only food the publishers feed their 3 cats.





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