Animals Do Communicate With Us
by Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick

I was having a conversation with one of my new clients from California and we were talking about our animals because he just had to put his dog to sleep. Because his dog was on another horrible pet food. We were talking about their spirits when they pass, and the fact that our pets, while with us, actually communicate with us.

How many times have we walked into a room and turned to our pet and said, “Oh, are you telling me that you are thirsty or hungry?” Why did we do that? It was because they were communicating with us -and we picked up on it.

He then told me a story. One of his dogs, years ago would bite his ear every night at 3:15 am and she would wake him up to go out. This dog would go straight to his beautiful garden and urinate on it -therefore killing the flowers. He had a neighbor who was an “animal communicator”, so he asked him to come over and have a talk with his dog. While he sat with the pet, the dog told  him, the reason she would wake him up in the middle of the night was because, “she couldn’t stand the sound of the ‘screaming’ flowers anymore because they were so thirsty”. After this chat with his dog, the neighbor said to my new client, “Do you have an irrigation system?” The parent of the dog said, “Yes”. Well, your dog said, “The two spigots that water the garden are  broken”. The next day, his landscaper was called to the home  and sure enough the nozzles were not working. He fixed them and his  dog never woke him up again. What a shame that we can’t  actually hear what our pets are saying to us? We all need to try harder to listen to our pets. Be in a quiet room with your pet and just listen!  Let me know your experience and what you heard from your pet. I said, if you listen carefully, your pet children will tell you the pet food you are buying in the pet food store is poison and making them sick.

Your great-grandfather’s dogs lived into their 20’s. Why? Because, “pet food” was not invented yet and dogs and cats ate what they ate. Then in the 1950’s, pet food was invented and we started to see a dramatic decline in their life span. At the same time, our pet companions started to get cancer, diabetes, cataracts, skin conditions, allergies, and more.

Growing up, I always heard the false expression, “There are no coincidences”.  In 1969, I was a Senior in Kansas State University’s Veterinary Medical School. I just happened to be in the first class in Nutrition ever taught in any kind of any medical school in America. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Before that, any relevance to any food value was taught in simplistic courses like, “Feeds & Feeding” or “Dietetics” which meant that proteins are proteins, fats were just fats, and brown rice and white rice were just simply carbohydrates –all having the similar nutritional value. This first course in Nutrition was formulated and taught to us by the great Dr. Russell Frey. His inspirational and revolutionary scientific knowledge set me on a path that would eventually change the history of Veterinary Medicine in America. It became very clear to me that Dr. Frey was striving to educate and remind us of the realization that the truth was previously given centuries to all of us by Hippocrates.

About two thousand sixty hundred years ago, Hippocrates of Kos, lived and taught circa 466 to 377 bc. Hippocrates words were, “Make a habit of two things: help or at least, do no harm!”.  He also emphatically said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. (I could find no mention of drugs or pharmaceuticals in his notes.)

Now, in my 53rd year as a veterinary surgeon, doctor, and nutritionist, I have come to the glowing realization that the medical professions have forgotten the teachings of Hippocrates. In their fer blungett (Yiddish for confusion) they also have failed to put into practice the words of the man whom they themselves arrogantly claim to be the father of their medicine.

With the guidance of my amazing teacher, Dr. Russell Frey, I became his protégé for life and created, CORNUCOPIA, the real organic food for our four-legged warm and fuzzy children alternative to the dangerous use of industrial waste, road-kill, and disease producing sickening food that was, and is, forbidden for consumption by law for human beings.

In creating this ALTERNATIVE FOOD, fit for ALL beings, the path to real human-grade foods for pets began with Cornucopia. Cornucopia is the only certified real human grade food for pets that we know of. Although, there are many in the harmful industry known as the “pet-food cartel” who use expensive persuasive advertising and misleading labeling that creates misinformation about the existence and safety of allegedly comparative ingredients in foods.

We created CORNUCOPIA to enable you to fulfill your responsibility of insuring the health and longevity of “All God’s children” -as
spoken to Dr. Broderick by Mother Teresa.


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