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by Jeffrey S. Stephens and Ronald Raymond

THE ROAD TO SPLITSVILLE by Jeffrey S. Stephens and Ronald Raymond

The following is an excerpt As you move through your divorce and toward your new life, it will be incredibly helpful if you take some time to identify the qualities about which you and your partner were in synch from early on, and those where you experienced a disconnect. Examine how these things developed and […]


NEW EARTH 3D to 5D is the new REALITY!
by Noelle Hipke

Welcome to the NEW EARTH! If you are still here … you are one of the strong ones.  We have been challenged, charged and changed forever. All those highs and lows, ups and downs weren’t for nothing. It was to help you move to the next level in life. Every single one of you doing […]


Who Would You Be If You Didn’t Know Your Age? by Barbara Berger, Copenhagen, Denmark

The whole idea of “aging” is such an interesting concept. So let’s take a look at what the idea of “aging” actually means. This is a good thing to do, especially if the idea is bothering you or if you feel like you’re getting older. Bnecause in reality, the whole idea of “aging” is a […]


The Third Act
by Milissa Castanza Seymour – Bethpage, NY

person on stage with bright lights

You may be in your third act, but you can still be vital and sexual and funny. Life isn’t over. ~Jane Fonda Why is the third act so often diminished, even unrecognized? The first act is busy, filled with growth and new beginnings. Like spring, it arrives, sparkling with dew and sunlight. The potential is […]


Bless the Cage Rattlers
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

While country living has its benefits, finding rat droppings in the kitchen is not one of them. After this gnarly discovery, I went out and purchased a humane rat trap, and set it out before I went to sleep. In the morning, sure enough I found a gray intruder in the trap, pacing back and […]


Grief Is Love
by Bill Philipps

Girl waving heart flag

The grief we feel upon a loved one’s death is unbearable, but it can also be one of the most intense versions of love possible because that love is now limitless. In death, we break free of our human shell and transform into pure energy. The body dies, but the energy has always existed and […]


Lifting the Lid Off Our Lives
by Marie Antoinette Kelley

Danny’s Day in Heaven

Death is a big topic. Yet, as big as it is, we rarely talk about it. Only when death catches up with us in one form or another, do we cover the basics. And always, it’s a race to get away from the topic again. Why? I think most of us relate to death as […]


Healthy to Dead, and Back Again
by Dr. Raymond Moody and Paul Perry

Proof of Life after Life: 7 Reasons to Believe There Is an Afterlife

Sometimes proof of being out-of-body comes from a third-person perspective, someone who witnesses the person as they are out of their body. As you can imagine, OBEs like these are extremely rare events that are treated with reverence by the death study community. One such case came to me out of the blue. After a […]


The Truth Will Set All Of Us Free
by Caitlin Johnstone and Tom Foley

stunned people

You have to start with the truth. The truth is the only way that we can get anywhere. Because any decision-making that is based upon lies or ignorance can’t lead to a good conclusion.” ~ Julian Assange ‘The truth will set you free’ is an aphorism we’ve all heard so many times it’s lost a […]


A Time Of Crisis is a Time of Opportunity
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

Today, we are a nation bathed in fear. Just a few years ago, it seemed as though opportunities were endless. There was a sense of stability, prosperity, and hope. Now, fear has become a part of our daily lives. National and international turbulence goes on and on. So much that we once counted on to […]