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Revelations on Healing: What One Doctor Discovered Channeling Messages for His Patients
by Peter Wisch, M.D. – New York City

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Maintaining and achieving good health might be perceived as obvious to some and obscure to others. Why are some blessed with well-being while others must struggle to be well? By means of channeling higher wisdom, the answer to that question is more straightforward than you might imagine. We are all endowed with unique constitutions at […]


How to Break Free from Anxiety & Make a Full Covid Burnout Recovery
by Brett Cotter

Have you ever wondered why it feels like the world’s gone crazy? I invite you to step back from the chaos and see things from a different perspective. We live on a spinning rock moving through space at 67,000mph, revolving around a ball of gas 109 times wider than Earth, in a solar system 36 […]


Turning Triggers Into Treasure
by Judy Wilkins-Smith

Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint: A Powerful Guide to Transformation Through Disentangling Multigenerational Patterns

Content and trigger warnings, book bans, gender sensitivity, cancel culture. Even though most psychologists and social workers now agree that trigger warnings don’t work and “cognitive avoidance” (dodging sensitive topics) is counterproductive to emotional growth, the list of social hot potatoes and things we won’t or can’t look at grows longer by the day. Perhaps […]


You Are Meant to Focus on Kinder, More Harmonious Outcomes
by Ann Albers and The Angels

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You came to this earth eager. You came wanting to create. You came, not because you were flawed, not because you messed up in prior lives, not because you wanted to learn to be a better person, but rather because you wanted to embody, experience, and expand love – both within yourself and within the […]


The Miracle Way of Healing by Neil Douglas-Klotz

Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus

How do we feel when we receive a diagnosis or are told about the “normal outcome” of a health problem we have? We tend to rely on statistics and experts and to discount anomalies. So anything out of the ordinary becomes a “miracle.” But what if we lived in a world where the “miracle” was […]


Reframing Your Words and Thoughts
by Maureen Sharphouse

Unhackable Soul: Rise Up, Feel Alive, and Live Well with Pain and Illness

The words you use have the power to either heal or harm you. They can make you feel better about yourself and help you own your place in the world—or they can act like restrictive chains around you and erode your soul and spirit. Let me share private extracts from one of my journals (dated […]


Light After Loss
by Ashley Davis Bush

Sitting on the couch across from me, Raquelle shared that it would be Henry’s birthday on Saturday. She and her family would be writing messages on balloons and sending them up to heaven, just as they did every year on his birthday. Henry died 22 years ago when he was 11 years old. He had […]


Why It’s Ok to Let Your Kids Quit Sports They’re Good At
by Kim Fairley – Ann Arbor, MI

Swimming for My Life

For so many families, kids’ sports bring a sense of pride, self-worth and accomplishment. They also foster dreams of making it big or receiving a college scholarship. This can make it extremely difficult for parents to accept it when kids want to quit their sport—especially when those kids are performing well and showing promise. But […]


Masculine + Feminine = Transformative Balanced Energy
by Milissa Castanza Seymour

The union of the feminine and masculine energies within the individual is the basis of creation. ~Shakti Gawain Too often in society, gender is confused with and narrowly defined by masculine or feminine energies. This narrow definition is limiting and creates stagnation. Humans contain both energies, regardless of sex and gender roles. A healthy balance […]


Multiple Paths To and From Addiction
by Peg O’Connor

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One size never fits all, whether it is a pair of stretch pants, the “universal” television remote, or an adjustable wrench. Why would we assume that there is only one method or program of recovery for addiction? Many people do assume there is only one path, especially if they themselves have become sober on it. […]