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A Conspiracy of Goodness™ of Our Times
by Dr. Lynda Ulrich

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When I was a boy, I would see scary things on the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping.’ ~ Mr. Rogers Are you beginning to look for the helpers amid the current upheavals: the people who have found a way to be thoughtful, helpful, […]


The Art of Disobedience
by Dr. Will Tuttle – Healdsburg, CA

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From the time we’re infants, we are continuously pressured to obey, conform, and be pleasing to others and to authorities. When we do this well, we may get our rewards in social approval, and if we don’t, we may suffer the consequences. The problem is that if we are merely an obedient product of our […]


Like Falling Through a Cloud: Coping with Forgetfulness, Confusion, and a Dreaded Diagnosis
by Eugenia Zukerman

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A few years ago my daughters told me they were worried about my forgetfulness, my loss of words, my confusion. They suggested… or rather insisted… I get tested. A flutist, writer, artistic director, busy playing and performing, I simply refused. But when l finally agreed to trek uptown with my younger daughter to a hospital […]


The World Changed Overnight: Now Its Education’s Turn: The Case For Social-Emotional Learning in Schools and How We Get it Done
by Jean Paul Paulynice, MBA


With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty, the fight for racial equality and a significant disruption to our children’s daily routines, parents and educators have their hands full. From distance learning to basic everyday activities, our kids are coming of age in a new, ever-evolving world, a world significantly different from the one we grew […]


Become a Warrior, Not a Worrier
by Bob Hillary

It takes a certain amount of bravery to step out with determination on the path to a simpler life, in tune with yourself and with the Earth. I encourage you all to become warriors for the Earth. By doing so, I guarantee you will learn to let go of all the things that are cluttering […]


The Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Practice Can Transform Your Life
by Eileen Silverberg – Florida

It is not easy to let go of people or situations that have hurt us. Resentment is like holding hot charcoal in our hands, it only burns who is holding it. When we have been wronged, forgiveness is the prescription to relieve the pain. However, making the conscious decision to forgive others and forgive ourselves […]


Everything Will Be Different
by Bob Hillary – UK

It’s time to start envisioning a better future for ourselves. Creating it with our minds and then stepping into it. It’s going to require some pretty badass pioneers and some pretty creative thinking, but it’s perfectly doable, and SO needed. And we need to enjoy the process, to do it with humour and lightness of […]


Amusing Ourselves to Death
by Neil Postman

Amusing Ourselves To Death by Neil Postman

(1931-2003) Editor’s note: The book, Amusing Ourselves to Death was published in 1985. This is the Foreword. We were keeping our eye on 1984. When the year came and the prophecy didn’t, thoughtful Americans sang softly in praise of themselves. The roots of liberal democracy had held. Wherever else the terror had happened, we, at […]


Change Your Life with the Sound of Your Voice
by Jill Mattson – Oil City, PA

Hearts and Musical Notes

If everyone stopped talking, our energy would drop. Our voice creates vibrational energy that subtly changes us! Ancient people knew the power in sounds and words – not from the word’s meaning, but its sounds. The power is soft and subtle but ever influencing us. Throughout antiquity, spiritual groups emphasized words and our voices. The […]


Find Deep Healing and Transformation through Grief
by Ora Nadrich – Los Angeles, CA

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Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom. – Rumi Losing a loved one is a type of heartbreak that can only be known by those who’ve experienced loss themselves. It feels like […]