The Meditative Nature of the Golf Exercises
by Jerry Brown


For your meditative experience
You can walk out in nature……
You can sit on a cushion and try to empty your mind
You can use the tool of a golf club as inquiry
To see what you might find!

Meditation is simply a method or modality that encourages a consciousness beyond our thinking analytical mind (where information and knowledge reside) to our subconscious mind (where wisdom, instinct, and intuition reside).

A meditative practice helps to quiet the mind through present moment awareness where fears, doubts, and thoughts of past and future do not exist. It’s when we become fully involved in the present moment to the exclusion of limitation and failure. It’s where genius has an opportunity to express!

Would you like to have a meditative practice infused with play and fun, and have your play be a meditation? The instinct-awakening golf exercises found in Awaken Your Inner Golfer are intended to be explored in a playful manner without any preconceptions or expectations … to see what might “show up”. The meditative nature of the exercises helps “open the door” to the subconscious body/ mind and instincts.

Exploration of the golf exercises can provide a peaceful meditative experience through a bodily awareness common to Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, and other martial art practices. These practices all provide a contemplative, selfreflective, and internally focused experience through physical movement and body / mind awareness. Similar to these “holistic practices”, the golf exercises help integrate body, mind, and spirit by “slowing you down” through awareness of movement and physical sensations in your body. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results in your golf game – and maybe even in your life – from slowing down, being in your body, and relaxing your mind with awareness and curiosity.

The golf exercises help to counter the conscious mind’s tendency to instruct and control the golf swing by speaking to the subconscious body / mind through learning by experience rather than instruction. It is golf swing “education” beyond golf swing tips, golf lessons, golf instruction videos, and golf swing analysis, through a meditative process of quieting the conscious mind and engaging the subconscious body / mind to tap into the natural way that human beings learn physical skills – through experience, trial and error, and exploration and discovery.

It’s possible that the golf exercises are so effective in providing a meditative experience…… because we’re not TRYING to meditate!!

AWAKEN YOUR INNER GOLFER The perfect spring gift for the golfer in your life

– A D V E R T O R I A L –



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