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Clear Vision in 2020
by Alan Cohen

Girls hugging

I was standing at the counter of a snack bar at a children’s zoo when a customer became quite nasty with the server. A part of his order had not been delivered correctly, and he made quite a stink. I recoiled, thinking, “What a mean, cruel person!” Minutes later I was passing the deer enclosure, […]


Does Ridiculing Others in Public Make Us Feel Better About Ourselves?
by Donna Martini

I posed this question on Facebook recently and even though it produced a 77-comment thread, no real answer was offered. This makes me wonder how many Americans are aware of the societal backlash of our negative, public dialogue. The truth is we have been engaging in harmful behavior—a detrimental-to-ourhealth harangue—which has been infusing needless stress […]


The Invisible Wounds of War
by Tom Voss and Rebecca Anne Nguyen

After serving in a scout-sniper platoon in Mosul, Tom Voss came home carrying invisible wounds of war—the memory of doing or witnessing things that went against his fundamental beliefs. This was not a physical injury that could heal with medication and time, but a “moral injury” — a wound to the soul that eventually urged […]


Can St. Francis of Assisi Save Our Divided World Today?
by James Twyman


Set aside your computer for a moment and see if you can guess who wrote these words: “I made a mistake. Without doubt, an oppressed multitude had to be liberated, but our method only provoked further oppression and atrocious massacres. What was really needed…were ten Francis of Assisi’s.” I love asking this question and I’m […]


Making Humanity Great Again
by Dr. Will Tuttle – Healdsburg, CA


In contemplating our global problems, we tend to look for causes in the past to help us understand how to effectively respond to them. This can be helpful, to the degree we can actually understand our apparent past, realizing that our conception of it is based on memories and narratives that may not be completely […]


Shifting from Separation to Integration
by Owen K Waters – Texas


The keyword of the Old Reality was separation. Separation has been the theme of consciousness on Earth for thousands of years. We have separated into tribes, then countries and empires. We have separated, or divided, ourselves by race, sex and religion. We have even separated our own consciousness further from its source, focusing it firmly […]


How to Have Tough Conversations Without Damaging Relationships
by Quint Studer – Florida

People having conversations

No one enjoys conflict and confrontation. We all want to be liked and accepted, and very few of us enjoy hurting people’s feelings. Unfortunately, leaders must be able to handle conflict or we’re not doing our job. We need to be able to hold tough and productive conversations with others, and address conflicts that arise […]


by John Gilmore – Long Beach, NY

NYS Capitol

Awesome Beginning to the NY Legislative Session January 8 — What an awesome day in Albany! Workers at the state buildings said ours was the biggest and LOUDEST group to ever show up for the opening of the Legislative Session. Well over a thousand people showed and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., warrior mom Brooke Jordan, […]


Sound Secrets
by Jill Mattson -Oil City, PA

person peeling back sky to reveal forest with cello

Knowledge is a beautiful thing… until it’s misused to the detriment of others. Powerful knowledge comes with great responsibility. It’s this responsibility that birthed the tradition of hiding and concealing certain information in ancient China, Sumaria, Egypt and Greece. A wide spread belief held that the great continent of Atlantis sunk due to the misuse […]


Finding the Heart of Yoga Through Kirtan (Devotional Chanting)
An Interview with Brother Kamalananda of Self-Realization Fellowship

What is kirtan? Kirtan is a Sanskrit word meaning devotional chanting. Its purpose is to awaken divine consciousness that we may experience the peace, love and joy that reside in our souls. It is important to distinguish between musical performance and kirtan. The practice of kirtan is a devotional offering to Spirit, a prayer in […]