What’s REALLY Behind All the Polarization?
by Cher Gilmore

Everybody’s talking about it, journalists are writing about it, and all kinds of explanations are being offered for the extreme divisions we’re seeing in many forms today …

Men versus women, immigrants versus citizens of their adoptive country, reactionaries versus progressives, country versus city dwellers, free-marketers versus those demanding social safety nets, the ultra-wealthy versus the impoverished, environmentalists versus profit-centered corporations, and so on. Reasons given for the divisiveness seem to correspond to the backgrounds of those trying to explain it and range from historical trends to “human nature,” to power struggles at all levels of relationship—personal, political, and national—to religious end-of-days scenarios and more.

These types of analysis are more descriptive than explanatory, though. To understand the dynamic correctly, we must look at our planetary situation from a higher perspective. Astronomers are familiar with the procession of the equinoxes, which to lay people means that in its transit around the heavens, which takes about 27,000 years, our solar system comes into alignment with each of the 12 constellations in turn, for a period of about 2,300 years each, more or less. While in alignment with a constellation, for example Aquarius, we are said to be in the age of that constellation. We are now leaving the orbit of the constellation Pisces and coming more closely into alignment with Aquarius with each passing year. Therefore, we are exiting the Age of Pisces and are at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius—as celebrated in the song of that name from the musical Hair.

A fact not necessarily known by astronomers but known by esotericists, is that each constellation is characterized by different energetic qualities, which influence us very strongly while our solar system and planet are in alignment with it. Piscean qualities are individuality, devotion, and idealism—all of which have helped an evolving humanity graduate from the herd mentality to individual intelligence and creative thinking. The same qualities, though, have also tended to divide individuals and groups devoted to differing ideals and pit them against each other. We are experiencing the extreme results of Piscean energies today as widespread polarization and conflict in almost every aspect of life.

Simultaneously, we’re seeing seeds of new ways of thinking that are influenced more by the incoming Aquarian energies of synthesis, cooperation, and brotherhood—and we’ll see these seeds grow in importance as our alignment with Aquarius becomes more direct. The present turmoil caused by the clash of two opposing worldviews will gradually end in a peaceful unity that synthesizes all the color and diversity of life. Life on our transformed Earth would be difficult to imagine today in our wildest flights of fantasy.

However, to get there, we have to respond correctly to the energies of Aquarius and change our structures accordingly. Fortunately, we’ll have the help of our elder brothers, the Masters of Wisdom, along with their leader, Maitreya, the World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius. Maitreya has been in our midst, though unknown, since 1977, working behind the scenes to prepare us for the needed changes. He is expected to make himself known soon, however, and with his guidance and that of his group, the pace of change is likely to accelerate.

Maitreya brings yet another energy — the energy of Love — which amplifies whatever energies are already dominant. That is, those whose energy is divisive will become more so, and those who are working for the common good will be strengthened in their efforts. This way, the differences between the two ways of being will become undeniably clear, and humanity’s choice between them made easier. Thus Maitreya wields the Sword of Cleavage — the Love that separates the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats.

One of the Masters of Wisdom has commented on this coming time in a message recorded in Share International magazine by its editor, the late Benjamin Creme:

All that men now hold dear will be held in question; all that has brought the world to its present sorry and dangerous state.

Soon, the weakness of the present structures will begin to show itself to even the most blinkered viewer. The cracks and rifts will become apparent for what they are: the signs of breakdown of an outworn and decaying order ready for renewal. The speed of that renewal lies in the hands of men; they alone must give full welcome to the new, and enter gladly into the tasks of reconstruction.

Learning to share, they will inaugurate the era of trust. Trusting, they will cooperate in solving the many problems which now face them, and in grateful imitation of the Masters will awaken to the love which has been ever present but unknown.

We are on the cusp of a cosmic transformation, regardless of how it appears at the moment, and we can rest assured that when the Masters determine the most beneficial time to make themselves known publicly, they will step forward without fail to assist.

For a more detailed look at this deeper explanation of our current polarization, check out the webinar at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZQUDGNk4kE&t=28s

Cher Gilmore is a long-time student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, a periodic contributor to Share International magazine, and an administrator for Share International USA. More information about Share International and the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom into the everyday world can be found at Share-International.us.





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