Just a Dental Check-Up?
by Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS, FACD, FPFA, DABOI, MAGD, FAAID, FICOI

Skipping dental check-ups is the norm for too many people. Unfortunately, they don’t realize the dangers of ignoring regular dental exams. The oral cavity is a crucial part of the human body as it is a portal to many systems: digestive, circulatory, respiratory, immune and nervous systems. It’s difficult to improve your oral health and overall health if you skip routine exams and hygiene visits.

1. Tooth Decay
Brushing and flossing your teeth isn’t enough to prevent tooth decay. A toothbrush will remove food remains, but it rarely reaches awkward places. Therefore, some nooks and crannies in your molars will still hold debris and food particles which attract bacteria that are notorious for eroding your enamel. If you skip your dental check-ups, the decay will go unnoticed and progress, causing extensive damage. Staying current with regular exams and cleanings can help prevent and stop tooth decay.

2. Halitosis
Most people don’t worry about bad breath because they brush and floss often. Surprisingly, dental hygiene doesn’t always prevent bad breath. Some people can still have malodor even after brushing multiple times a day. However, you can’t identify the source of your bad breath if you never have dental exams.

Your teeth might be clean, but there could be sulfur-producing bacteria in your throat or on your tongue’s surface. Also, tartar and plaque build-up might be the main culprit. Regular dental check-ups can help you address and prevent halitosis.

3. Teeth Discoloration
Teeth discoloration can hurt your confidence and social life. You might assume that you aren’t at risk of getting discolored teeth, but if you smoke or love drinking coffee, you have a high chance of teeth discoloration. Unfortunately, the components in your toothpaste aren’t potent enough to remove stubborn stains.

Certain stains may only be removed with professional ultrasonic instruments used during dental exams. A professional whitening treatment can also boost your smile up to 8 shades lighter.

4. Expensive Dental Procedures
Dental exams are the least costly procedures, and you only need to attend them a couple of times a year. The exams will evaluate your oral health and identify any dental problems in their early stages. And if you have any dental issues, you’ll receive quick, easy and painless treatment. Cleanings are nonsurgical periodontal treatments that maintain oral health and help prevent multiple dental issues that cost a lot to treat at later stages.

During COVID hundreds of patients missed their exams and hygiene appointments. Small cavities turned into root canals. Small chips on molars turned into large fractures that required extractions.

5. Tooth Loss
Apart from physical injury, most causes of tooth loss are in your control. You can prevent tooth loss by having good oral hygiene and taking check-ups and cleanings seriously. Teeth are vulnerable to cavities, tartar build-up, and even dental infections that can lead to emergencies. There are thousands of teeth that are unnecessarily lost due to neglect.

6. Gum Disease
The elderly have the highest rate of gum disease. However, smokers and people with poor oral hygiene have a high chance of contracting gum infections. You can prevent gum infections by observing good oral hygiene, investing in regular professional cleaning, and having dental check-ups.

Dental exams can help identify and treat gum disease before it escalates and causes damage to your teeth, jawbone, and gums. Early diagnosis and conservative treatment is the best strategy to address gum disease.;

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