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To Aid with Conception, Deepen the Relationship with the Power of the Feminine
by Tami Lynn Kent – Portland, OR

Wild Mothering: Finding Power, Spirit, and Joy in Birth and a Creative Motherhood

When conception and pregnancy come with effort, or not at all, the risk is to set oneself up to feel like a failure or, alternately, to try everything in the hopes of being “good enough” to conceive. Difficulty in achieving pregnancy can cause great pain in a woman’s heart. I’ve witnessed the bountiful creative energy […]


A Deeper Reason
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

A while back, I presented a retreat at a center on a small island off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. The only facility was a rustic YMCA-style camp, the only resident a caretaker named Dave. As our program got going, Dave made constant trips through our meetings in progress. At first, we thought there […]


Five Actionable Steps for Creating Balance and Authentic Self-Love
by Dr. Carla Marie Manly – Sonoma County, CA

The Joy of Imperfect Love

If you’re craving greater balance and connection, you’ll want to embrace the joy of imperfect love. Our world is filled with promises of perfect, instant love and the prize of instant gratification. The media fills our minds with images that sell quick fixes and the idea of perfect love and perfect lives. These false offerings […]


Talking to Your Child about Estrangement from a Family Member 
by Khara Croswaite Brindle 

“Mom, why don’t we talk to Grandma?” “Dad, why don’t we ever see Aunt Julie?” Adults who are estranged from a family member face challenges when attempting to explain the ruptured relationship to their children. A child who witnesses the dynamic often has a lot of questions. What does an adult daughter say to her […]


How an Internal Language of Love Can Shape Your Choices, Your Health, and Your Life
by Thais Harris, BCHN

lotus bud

In thirteen years of helping people improve their health and life through diet and lifestyle as a board-certified holistic nutritionist, I have had the honor of getting a front seat at the theatre of my clients’ minds. Discussing goals, dreams, aspirations, and beliefs allows for more understanding of what drives our behavior. Working with women […]


A Polyvagal Healing:  Spring in the Pine Barrens
by Diane Lundegaard – Dix Hills, NY

Drifting in from the Island’s glacial moraine, spring, traveling on an early morning breeze, announces its arrival as it heads south towards the bay. The vernal tidings, music scored with birdsong, the quacking and peeping of wood frogs and toads as well as a contributing chorus of forest voices enlivens the melody of the ariel […]


Nature Can Guide Us Through Our Life Growth Cycles
by Brittany Gowan – New York City

Turn To The Sun

Breathe In Nature And Breathe Out Stress. This simple yet powerful mantra is the foundation of my nature-centered approach to mindfulness. Growth is synonymous with terms like stretch, extend, lengthen, develop, and mature. The natural world exemplifies these actions, displaying patience interspersed with periods of commanding change. With the guidance of the natural world’s patterns, […]


Biofield science: The Missing Ingredient in Western Medicine
by Eric Leskowitz, MD – Massachusetts

Life Energy

Western medicine is the world’s only medical tradition that does not harness an invisible healing force or energy. In the East, there is prana (yoga) and qi (acupuncture, tai chi), but in the West, “energy” means a chemical like ATP. That’s because we view the body as a complex machine rather than a flowing organic […]


You Don’t “Fight” Hate
by Kristin Hoffmann

Woman with hand on her heart

In recent times, we have been living amidst a tapestry of intense emotions and a turbulent scape of hostile realities, playing out in our lives on personal, community, country and world levels. As we become more connected daily, through the vehicle of the internet, it is increasingly difficult not to feel personally affected by larger […]


Meeting the Shadow on the Spiritual Path: The Dance of Darkness and Light in Our Search for Awakening
by Connie Zweig, PhD

Meeting the Shadow

We begin the spiritual journey in innocence, filled with a longing to be saved, awakened, or healed or simply to belong. We may find a cherished teacher or participate in a community and engage in religious ritual or spiritual practice. We may enjoy a sense of membership and moments of deep fulfillment, even rapture. We […]