5G is NG (No Good)!
by Debbie Persampire

Our nation has a new and very serious issue that will compromise our precious health. It is spreading quickly and quietly because few people are aware and no one is speaking up about it.

Unfortunately, it has already begun on Long Island. In 2016, the Town of Huntington and the Town of Oyster Bay approved deals with Crown Castle (on behalf of Verizon Wireless) to add distributed antenna systems to their towns. So far, there are 160 of these antennas in the Town of Huntington, with hundreds more coming. This same thing is happening in the Town of Oyster Bay. They are being placed on new and existing utility poles within brown cylinders, and they can be found directly outside resident homes on right-of-ways.

This is why this is such a pressing issue, and why we need to have the implementation of these distributed antenna systems halted and shut down today:

  1. These deals made with Crown Castle happened BEFORE the 16-year, 25 million dollar National Toxicology Program (NTP) study on the effects of Radiofrequency (RF) Microwave Radiation results were released. Prior to this study, it was thought by many that the emissions from this equipment were not biologically harmful (although there are thousands of peer-reviewed studies from all over the world that do show biological harm). This NTP study is one of the largest studies ever done on RF microwave radiation and it was done right here in the U.S. Now that these results are finally available and have been peer reviewed, we have absolute and clear evidence that wireless radiation does cause damage to living organisms. An even larger and similar study, the Ramazzini study, also released results in 2018. This study exposed thousands of rats to cell tower radiation, and exposure levels were below those permissible in the US. The results from both of these extensive studies were consistent: they both found heart and brain cancer in the exposed rats. With these cell antennas placed so closely to our homes, we are currently exposing our children to the same type of RF microwave radiation proven to cause cancer in these studies. It may take up to 10 years to see the damage being done. Should we wait until our children have cancer or other health issues to finally address this?!


  2. These new antennas added outside our Long Island homes use 4G (4th generation technology) frequencies that have already been shown by thousands of peer-reviewed studies to cause adverse health effects in living organisms. My family was told these antennas were added to fill gaps in coverage. At my home, there was no gap in coverage. Was this added antenna necessary? And what about the other 4 in my neighborhood just a couple of blocks away in all directions? Why have they built so many of these antennas, and why are they being placed so closely together? Crown Castle has set up this system for a 5G network (5th generation technology). The millimeter waves used by 5G do not travel well through walls and so the antennas need to be located every 5-10 houses to be effective. This is why there are 5 antennas just in my small neighborhood. These new antennas being placed all over Long Island will be “upgraded” to 5G soon, promising better virtual reality, driverless cars, and faster downloading speeds—but at what cost? This new 5G uses much higher frequencies and millimeter waves that have NEVER been tested. We are an experiment. We cannot let this happen.
  3. Peer reviewed research has demonstrated a myriad of adverse biological effects from wireless radiation including increased cancer, DNA mutations, immune system disorders, hyperactivity, damage to brain cells, impaired memory, reduced fertility, increased oxidative stress, and decreased melatonin to name a few. These adverse health effects were shown in studies using 2G, 3G, and 4G. This new 5G will utilize the current frequencies, but will also use higher millimeter wave and sub-millimeters wave frequencies that are completely untested for long-term exposure. Children are part of the vulnerable population to these emissions because their smaller bodies absorb radiation at higher levels. Pregnant women, the elderly, electro-sensitive, cancer survivors, and the immune compromised are also part of this vulnerable population. We must fight against this. How can we knowingly allow our children to be exposed to these emissions day and night for the entirety of their lives?


  4. When we are told that the equipment is FCC compliant, it means NOTHING. Long Island can’t wait around for the FCC to change the outdated guidelines for RF microwave radiation exposure and make them safe. In fact, no safe exposure has ever been determined for pregnant women and children. Our U.S. guidelines for RF Microwave Radiation are based on the 1996 Telecommunications Act that is based on research from the 1980s. This is unacceptable! And when new studies surface, why doesn’t the FCC revisit and revise these guidelines? I believe the reason is because there is a tremendous conflict of interest. The chairperson of the FCC worked for Verizon as an attorney, and the chairperson before him was a lobbyist for the telecom industry. Who is protecting us?I urge our representatives to demand safety for our residents and to take the time to fully understand what we are doing here, and why we are doing it. We need to make this a priority. We can’t sit by, knowing that scientific studies have already proven we are all in harm’s way and then just allow it to continue. We need to be better than that. I would imagine a contract made by a town can be nullified if new scientific evidence proves that the contract puts people (especially children!) in danger. And I urge residents to make this a topic of conversation with your friends, call your representatives, and go to political meetings to get involved. Raise awareness. Not enough people are talking about this issue and if our representatives don’t hear from us, this will never become a priority.There is a safe alternative: Connect to high speed, high bandwidth Internet by installing fiber-optic cables to every business, home and school. We already have fiber to our poles. The data transmissions are both safer and more reliable. This is far more secure from cyber-attacks, and the cables use a fraction of the energy used for “small cells”.Join the “No Smart Meters Or Small Cell’s LI” group on Facebook because there is power in numbers.


    Please also watch this 6-minute testimony of Michigan Senator Colbert speaking on this topic. Finally, a representative of the people who speaks up on this issue!


    Debbie Persampire is a teacher and a parent. She has become an activist working to bring awareness to the issue of 5G and the dangers of living in a home within close proximity to cell antennas after the Town of Huntington allowed for the placement of cell antennas on a new utility pole just 5 feet outside her backyard fence. As a result, this past year Debbie has worked to raise awareness, coordinate community members, and meet with local policy makers in the hope of preventing 5G and more of these antennas from being placed near homes.


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  1. Sign our petition https://www.change.org/p/huntington-town-board-stop-building-cell-towers-in-residential-neighborhoods Please join the movement. Join us in STOPPING 5G.S.3157 (STREAMLINE) and
    H.R.4953/S.1682 (AIRWAVES)
    TOGETHER we can help heal this country and send a strong message that we are CONCERNED.

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