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911 From Your Soul: Will You Answer the Call?
by Jeanine Thompson

Life is a spiritual journey. Every breath, every relationship, every joy and sorrow are calling you to remember who you really are, and to be and experience all that you came here for. Our discomforts, challenges, and even crises are invitations to free ourselves, expand our wings and rise into our highest expression—for ourselves, for […]


The Vital Importance of Inner Alignment
by Owen Waters

Many people in society today work at jobs they don’t like, and find themselves with little or no time for activities that increase the quality of their lives. Such people are being kept out of alignment with their inner selves. Traditionally, society has pressured people into conformity. Peer pressure to conform to an immediate social […]


When Will Life Stop Being Such a Struggle?
by Ann Albers & The Angels

So many times you ask us, “When will life stop being such a struggle?” Our answer, with great love, is always, “when you stop struggling with life.” Consider a stream. Unobstructed it flows smoothly, gracefully, swiftly, and powerfully. When it encounters an obstacle, such as a boulder that it cannot move, temporarily some of the […]


When They Go Low, You Go High by Alan Cohen

Relationships provide us with our greatest opportunities for spiritual growth. Some relationships bless us with love and joy, and others bring challenges that help us grow stronger and wiser. We can be grateful for everyone who comes our way, friend or apparent foe. Ultimately our foes are our friends because they teach us through important […]


Morning Rituals for the Soul
by Vish Chatterji

The Business Casual Yogi: Take Charge of Your Body, Mind & Career.

In the ancient system of yoga philosophy, there is a powerful concept known as Sadhana which is often translated as your daily practice. As with all Sanskrit words, there is much more complexity to Sadhana than just a practice. There are a few words embedded in Sadhana. Sadhaka is a student following a path towards […]


Yoga May Lower Your Risk of Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease
by Joseph Keon

person in seated yoga position

Although writings in the Rig Veda sacred texts link yoga’s origins to northern India some 5,000 years ago, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that interest in the exercise went mainstream in the United States. This ancient practice involves physical postures, or poses, regulated breathing, and concentration. Today, yoga classes are taught at over 7,000 […]


Turning Triggers Into Treasure
by Judy Wilkins-Smith

Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint: A Powerful Guide to Transformation Through Disentangling Multigenerational Patterns

Content and trigger warnings, book bans, gender sensitivity, cancel culture. Even though most psychologists and social workers now agree that trigger warnings don’t work and “cognitive avoidance” (dodging sensitive topics) is counterproductive to emotional growth, the list of social hot potatoes and things we won’t or can’t look at grows longer by the day. Perhaps […]


You Are Meant to Focus on Kinder, More Harmonious Outcomes
by Ann Albers and The Angels

someone holding binoculars

You came to this earth eager. You came wanting to create. You came, not because you were flawed, not because you messed up in prior lives, not because you wanted to learn to be a better person, but rather because you wanted to embody, experience, and expand love – both within yourself and within the […]


The Miracle Way of Healing by Neil Douglas-Klotz

Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus

How do we feel when we receive a diagnosis or are told about the “normal outcome” of a health problem we have? We tend to rely on statistics and experts and to discount anomalies. So anything out of the ordinary becomes a “miracle.” But what if we lived in a world where the “miracle” was […]


Reframing Your Words and Thoughts
by Maureen Sharphouse

Unhackable Soul: Rise Up, Feel Alive, and Live Well with Pain and Illness

The words you use have the power to either heal or harm you. They can make you feel better about yourself and help you own your place in the world—or they can act like restrictive chains around you and erode your soul and spirit. Let me share private extracts from one of my journals (dated […]