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What It’s Really For
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

Hot air ballon seen through doorway

I was stunned to see the long line of customers waiting in front of the rental car desk. As I counted 50 people and just a few agents to service them, I realized I would be here for at least an hour. Never again will I rent from this company. As I chatted with Tom, […]


What Death Can Teach Us About Changing the World
by Karen Wyatt MD

& Lessons for Living from the Dying by Karen Wyatt MD

Life has a way of leading us to unexpected places. As for me, back when I was a hospice physician making house calls to care for the dying patients on our service I never dreamed I would one day write a book about that experience. I didn’t know that my own life would be profoundly […]


The Spiritual Side of Sports
by Rupert Sheldrake – London

Downhill skier

Most people do not think of sports as spiritual practices; sports seem supremely secular. Yet in modern secular societies, sports may be one of the most common ways in which people experience the self-transcendence that can come through being in the present. A meditator may find his mind wandering and only occasionally come back into […]


I Found the Secret
by Ruby Walker

two images if heads

If I had to describe how depression made me feel in four words, I’d say unwelcome in my mind. That was the primary sensation. That’s why it was different from just being sad. Day in, day out, I was bullying myself. I was under constant attack. Of course I was tired! Of course I broke […]


The Healing Power of Positive Self-Worth
by Anne Boudreau

lotus flower

While navigating through a sea of research about the human brain, I learned an important fact that altered the trajectory of my life. Having lived with self-doubt for decades, I was determined to change. What I discovered was revelatory: No human being is born with high or low self-worth. To quote Lady Gaga, I’d believed […]


The Quality of Your Sleep Profoundly Affects Your Eating Habits
by Rand McClain, DO

girl sleeping in bed

Most of us accept that eating well and exercising are the two main components of maintaining a healthy weight. But here’s another piece of the equation you may not have considered: sleep. Yup, sleep does more for your body than helping you feel refreshed and ready to face the day. Sleep dramatically alters the way […]


Wake Up Man! by Dr. Len Izzo

Man in Doorway

Know Thyself – Words inscribed at the Temple of Apollo And the Truth Shall Set You Free (But first it will make you angry) Hey brother, before you read on, I invite you to go at your own risk because what you will see here will either stir some deep sadness, uncover fear, or trigger […]


Perceptions Create Reality
by Steve Farrell – Boulder, CO

mountains and clouds

There is a well-documented phenomenon called The Pygmalion Effect. The name is derived from the mythical Greek character, Pygmalion, who had carved such a beautiful statue that he fell in love with it…and brought her to life. In other words, Pygmalion’s perception of this seemingly inanimate rock as a beautiful living woman changed its very […]


Rekindling Your Passions
by Dr. Dravon James – Baltimore, MD

two hands holding a flame

What happened to you? I mean what happened to YOU…not what happened to you the wife or you the mom or you the employee. What happened to you the dreamer, the lover, the adventurer? What was it that enticed you away from your journey and lured you to the path that you are on today? […]


Whenever You’re Ready
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

I met a fellow who had been diagnosed with a rare debilitating disease. For seven years Stan consulted with over a hundred doctors, submitted to endless tests, ingested more than a hundred pills daily, and tried a wide range of treatments, none of which helped. He kept losing weight until he was down to 120 […]