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Join the Thrive Tribe!
by Alan Cohen

Man holding torch

I saw a video of journalist Bill Moyer interviewing Chief Oren Lyons of the Native American Onondaga Council. Lyons was appointed to the position of Faithkeeper in the tribe. His job is to hold the vision of well-being no matter what adverse conditions present themselves. If there is war, famine, or threatening weather, he is […]


Hearing the Whispers of Your Soul
by Kori Hahn Sri Lanka

sand dunes

I am a dreamer, and just as John Lennon said, I know I’m not the only one. Since I was a little girl, I have always found myself passionately pulled to try new things. In high school, I dreamed of playing the guitar like Sheryl Crow. In college, I imagined traveling the world with only […]


Subtle Energy Techniques for a Radiant New You this New Year
by Cyndi Dale

No matter your biological age, energy medicine offers great anti-aging benefits. From the get-go, I must admit that I have my own secret ingredient. I have spent almost two decades following my youngest son’s baseball career, with most of the games occurring between February and June in the upper Midwest. Guess what that means? Yup. […]


Defense and Justification Come from Insecurity
by Ann Albers and the Angels Phoenix, AZ

Take a deep breath. Relax into your deeper truth. You want to love. You want to enjoy the variety life offers and choose from it what you enjoy and what you wish to create. You want to listen to your God-given inner compass and do what feels right to you. You never intended to be […]


My Morning Prayers
by Andrea Randa Garvey

The Morning Prayers came about through a simple daily prayer and meditation practice. Over time the blessings grew to include many different aspects and beings for whom I felt deep gratitude. I also was seeking a way, through prayer, to be more proactive in sending out higher vibrations and joining with those who were in […]


Are You a Creator or a Reactor
by Ann Albers and the Angels – Phoenix, AZ

girl looking up at the sun holding an umbrella

My dear friends, It is time upon your earth to ask yourself, “Am I a reactor, or a creator?” Are my feelings based on reactions to what I see around me in my external world, or are my feelings based on the kinder, happier thoughts I choose to embrace in my inner world? Do I […]


Completing Spiritual Unfinished Business
by Connie Zweig, PhD – Topanga, CA

Recently, I lost one of my best friends to cancer. Cindy’s death left me sitting in a well of grief—but not for the reason you might think. Cindy was a student of Swami Muktananda, who brought Siddha Yoga to the West. She was heartbroken when she learned that he had seduced female students, and the […]


Where Your Soul Goes after You Die
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

body with ghost figure on top

Early on my spiritual path I attended a worship service. After the service, one of the congregants gave me a little cartoon book that depicted an after-death experience. The cartoon showed a man cowering before a cosmic judge, pleading for mercy for his sinful life. The judge was not moved. “Off to hell with you […]


Good Grief: Can Lead to Healing and Growth
by Shelley F. Knight – Northamptonshire, U.K.

someone looking into broken mirror

Grief cannot be defined in one simple sentence, as grief itself is not simple. It is a vast and complex topic with equally vast and complex presentations in terms of signs and symptoms, longevity, and intensity. Grief is closely associated with death but can also be triggered when we lose anything with which we have […]


Are You Going to Take this to Your Grave?
by Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati – Rishikesh, India

person in water with raised arms to sky

Summer 1996: I opened my eyes at the end of my first darshan in India to hear Pujya Swamiji saying, “Yes?” I was the last one in the room, and he addressed me in English: “Yes?” I rose quickly from my place, went in front of him, and bowed low, trying to remember the protocol. […]