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How to Be the Creator of Your Best Life
by Mary Ann Robbat

Do you feel a pull, a call – to discover, create and experience more in your life? Perhaps it is more love, joy, purpose, or something you can’t even define? While you KNOW you want to live your life differently, somehow you can’t quite make it happen. You may be successful manifesting some of what […]


Family Now, Work Later: An Unconventional Approach to Happiness and Success
by Steve Cook

You’re young (or heck, even youngish) only once. And the same is true for your kids who are growing up before your eyes. Yet many of us spend our best years putting work ahead of spending quality time with our kids and nurturing the relationships that matter most. This tradeoff is part and parcel of […]


Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Making Money Until Your 30’s
by Eyal Danon

Don’t worry about pulling a big salary until your 30s. Seriously. Your life on Earth is a journey of self-discovery, and you are at this very moment navigating it at your own speed. You will reinvent yourself at five critical intervals. At times it may feel like you’re stuck, but you are not. You’re living […]


Dad’s Shut Out: The Hidden Dangers of How Family Courts Keep Fathers Out of the Picture

Dads’ Resource Center STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania (November 15, 2021) Most people know that around half of all marriages in the country end in divorce. What they don’t know are the statistics of what happens with custody issues when there are children involved. One organization is leading a movement to make people more aware of how […]


Letting Life Back In
by Brenda Shoshanna

Wherever you are and whoever you’re in a relationship with at this moment, is your spiritual practice. This is your doorway to connecting with life, letting go of loneliness and separation, becoming whole once again. There Is Always Companionship Waiting We don’t only practice when we’re sitting quietly by ourselves or with our selected community. […]


Orthorexia is Not Good for Your Health
by James M. Greenblatt, MD


Orthorexia nervosa, or orthorexia as its commonly called, is an unhealthy preoccupation with eating ‘healthy’ food. Of course, it’s great to eat wholesome and nutritious food as often as possible. But when you’re suffering from orthorexia, you’ll find yourself obsessing over what you put into your mouth so much it becomes detrimental to your overall […]


The “Sword That Heals”
by Steve Farrell & Karen Gordon

lotus bud

“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon,” Martin Luther King said at his Nobel Prize lecture on December 11th, 1964. ”Indeed, it is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it.” And in his book, Why We Can’t Wait, Dr. King devoted an entire chapter to nonviolence […]


Science + Art + Mysticism = Global Awakening
by Rev. Matthew Fox, PhD

Deep ecumenism is a movement that can unleash the wisdom of all world religions— Hinduism and Buddhism, Islam and Judaism, Taoism and Shintoism, Christianity in all its forms, and native religions and goddess religions throughout the world. This unleashing of wisdom holds the last hope for the survival of the planet we call home. For […]


One Soul at a Time
by Ann Albers and The Angels – Phoenix, AZ

While your world focuses on death, we focus on life. When your world focuses on war, we focus on peace. When one of you focuses on hatred, we focus on the love trying to sprout beneath a hardened surface. Eternally, we hold the vision of the life you want to live and the version of […]


Emotional Spring Cleaning: Clear Away Old Patterns and Open Door for New Beginnings
by Judy Wilkins-Smith

women opening closet filled with stuff

  Spring is an exciting time of year. Trees and gardens sprout new growth. Students catch spring fever and play hooky. The rest of us go into a frenzy of springcleaning. Like our parents, grandparents, and greatgrandparents before us, we clear out closets, pack winter clothes away, clean windows and contemplate the garage. We get […]