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Our Planetary “Galileo Moment” Exposing the False Reality of Today’s World
by Steve Farrell – Boulder, CO

At the dawn of the 17th century, Galileo Galilei stood at the precipice of a groundbreaking discovery, one that would irrevocably alter the course of human understanding and history. His observations led him to challenge the long-held belief that Earth was the fixed center of the Universe, a belief deeply entrenched in the scientific and […]


You Are Part of an Exciting Time on the Planet
by Ann Albers and The Angels – Phoenix, AZ

Every moment that you spend attuning to the thoughts that give you joy is a moment closer to having your desires appear in your life. Resolve that you will give yourself permission to find thoughts and things to feel good about, no matter the circumstances around you. We are not predicting gloom and doom in […]


From No Way to New Way
by Alan Cohen Hawaii

tunnel leading out to tree surrounded by light

I was coaching a young woman who had been dating a guy for a short time. “He told me not to phone or text him anymore. What do you think I should do?” “Why would you want to pursue a guy who doesn’t want to be with you?” I asked her. “Rejection is protection and […]


Men and Relationships
by Joyce and Barry Vissell – Aptos, CA

happy couple

Over the years of working with men and their relationships, not to mention my own 59-year relationship with Joyce, I have seen some central issues emerge. The last thing I want to do is generalize, saying that all men do this or feel that. However, I have seen certain tendencies which apply to many men. […]


This Gift Has Your Number On It
by Rev. Sue Frederick

Through a Divine Lens

You still have something important to do, even if you can’t see it right now. Even when you feel lost and pointless, without direction, floating in grief, that great thing still lives inside of you, deep down. When the time is right and the world is ready and you’ve learned what you needed to learn, […]


Good Vibrations and Well-being … Thinking is a Big Responsiblity
by Debbie Sellwood

You are a Frequency – How personal vibration influences health, well-being and development by Debbie Sellwood

We live in a physical world so naturally we associate ourselves operating as a physical body, but in fact we are much more. Everything is energy, including the physical body, but because of its low frequency we present as physical form. To explain this further, take the analogy of the fan – when it is […]


Nature Can Guide Us Through Our Life Growth Cycles
by Brittany Gowan – New York City

Turn To The Sun

Breathe In Nature And Breathe Out Stress. This simple yet powerful mantra is the foundation of my nature-centered approach to mindfulness. Growth is synonymous with terms like stretch, extend, lengthen, develop, and mature. The natural world exemplifies these actions, displaying patience interspersed with periods of commanding change. With the guidance of the natural world’s patterns, […]


Biofield science: The Missing Ingredient in Western Medicine
by Eric Leskowitz, MD – Massachusetts

Life Energy

Western medicine is the world’s only medical tradition that does not harness an invisible healing force or energy. In the East, there is prana (yoga) and qi (acupuncture, tai chi), but in the West, “energy” means a chemical like ATP. That’s because we view the body as a complex machine rather than a flowing organic […]


You Don’t “Fight” Hate
by Kristin Hoffmann

Woman with hand on her heart

In recent times, we have been living amidst a tapestry of intense emotions and a turbulent scape of hostile realities, playing out in our lives on personal, community, country and world levels. As we become more connected daily, through the vehicle of the internet, it is increasingly difficult not to feel personally affected by larger […]


Meeting the Shadow on the Spiritual Path: The Dance of Darkness and Light in Our Search for Awakening
by Connie Zweig, PhD

Meeting the Shadow

We begin the spiritual journey in innocence, filled with a longing to be saved, awakened, or healed or simply to belong. We may find a cherished teacher or participate in a community and engage in religious ritual or spiritual practice. We may enjoy a sense of membership and moments of deep fulfillment, even rapture. We […]