Karmic Love
by Annette Goggio, Oakhurst, CA

Healing: A Conversation by Annette Cravera Goggio

The day is different from the start. You wake up with an unspoken urge to do differently. You drive with a compulsion to go a different way, park in a different neighborhood or on a different street. You leave at a different time or change your routine because the old one is now, well, old. You change it up with little in the way of expectation, but there it is, waiting for you: karmic love.

Timing is everything. A minute’s hesitation can mean the difference between being in the same room or not, the same street corner or not, the same buffet table or not there at all. If doubt, hesitation, or denial do not enter in, the timing is always perfect—perfect in the sense that all it takes is being in close proximity to one another—the rest is magic.

Most often it’s the flashing image of the person as he/she enters the scene, or it’s the sound of their voice that changes the moment from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s not about what they look like or what they have to say, it’s their being that attracts you, draws you into their circle, and they into yours. It’s always mutual. In the movie, The Godfather, Michael Corleone describes his moment as a thunderbolt. It is indeed that, a thunderbolt from heaven, because that’s where your meet up was arranged, way ahead of the life you are now in.

You wanted the experience of love, of a deep, consuming relationship, and a soul who has been with you for many lives, perhaps in many different roles with you, volunteered to give that experience to you and time and date were agreed to. All you had to do is wait for it. However, life in this dimension, being what it is, can thwart a planned meeting. The meet up is not a given and the relationship not always predictable. Free will always plays a part.

The love relationship agreed to may not feel at all like love, especially if it is a learning relationship; a relationship in which both of you have something to learn, and learning is always hard. When did you last learn something that didn’t involve a challenge or trial? The deeply loving gesture to meet, grow a relationship and walk away from it having evolved as a soul is what is called for in a learning relationship, not a Hollywood romance. In some instances, the lesson is to run away from your karmic but cruel partner as fast as you can!

I certainly didn’t know all this when I met my husband so many years ago, now my ex-husband. I had a friend who said he’d introduce me to a good man he worked with. I said, yes, I’d like to meet him. The good man said he wasn’t interested, he was already in a relationship and didn’t want to meet anybody. I tried to forget about my friend’s offer. Then we were at a party and my friend said to me, “there he is,” and I gazed across the room and spied a young man chatting up a number of people and eating from a paper plate. I knew it was him though I had no description of him beforehand. Once I saw him I couldn’t keep from looking at him, studying him as he moved about. I got momentarily distracted and suddenly found a woman standing in front of me, putting his hand in mine and saying, “go dance.” I complied. He was free of his relationship then and we started ours, which spanned some twenty years.

It was not an easy relationship for either of us. We gave each other plenty to learn from and then the bottom dropped out and it was over. Karmic love always has an expiration date. It took me many years to understand what had happened, what it was all about and what I had learned, but through it all I knew I’d loved him more deeply than any other person I’d known.

There have been other karmic relationships in my life besides this one—more loving, more nurturing and much shorter in duration. Karmic love takes many forms but it always, and I mean always, gives us what we need to grow as a soul. In my marriage, I learned about self-esteem, betrayal (me as the culprit), and discernment. In others, I learned how to trust and receive love. Through the karmic relationship I have now I am learning how to heal.

We try over and over and over to learn these things we call life lessons. It is essentially all we do here in this dimension. Karmic relationships, that is, pre-planned relationships we agree to before we come into our current life, are designed to quicken our learning process because they are intensely educational. It may not feel like a loving relationship, but it is out of a deep love for you and you for that other person that you tangle with each other, you literally fight into each other’s hearts—and always learn from it.

Annette Cravera GoggioAnnette Goggio, MPH, EEMCPholds graduate and undergraduate degrees in the health sciences and is the author of Healing: A ConversationHer practice in energy medicine is based on the teaching of Dixie Yeterian, renowned clairvoyant and healer, and Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine. To learn more please visit: aquantummoment.com.


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