This Is How We Create Love – An Essay on Our Times
by Deirdre Hade

Love written in sand by the ocean

It is my longing that makes me love you intensely,
For I yearn to be loved from the heart.

It is my eternity that makes me love you long,
For I have no end.

Mechtild of Magdeburg,

                        German mystic of the Beguines, 1282


This Is How We Create Love

Love is mystical in the sense that science is not yet able to quantify it. But science does agree that how we view reality is held within our brain.

We don’t really know what real love is until we experience it clearly. Many times we fall in love and then wonder, “Was that really love, or was that love false?” We get baffled by love, we get betrayed by love, we get let down by love, and then our human story of loss unfolds and disappointment becomes our belief of love.

Clarity of Love Is the Resurrection in the Faith of Love

We are now on the precipice of a great change, a great momentum in the history of humanity—The Age of Surprise. We’re seeing globally what the lie of love looks like, what false promises look like, what false judgment looks like. We are seeing the lie in front of us so we can learn how not to lie.  The essence of true love cannot lie.

We Are Here to Love

We were born to flourish in the potential of our birthright, love. Love is the dream you cried out as you birthed from your mother’s womb screaming, “I am here, I am here, I have arrived!” We spend the rest of our lives trying to find our true voice, the clarity of love, again.

There Are Many Kinds of Love

There is the great love of the Divine Presence, the bliss, the Oneness of All. That love actually transcends our human experience. It is the state wherein the one are many and the many are one.  The experience of the oneness of being is the blissful experience of communion with a Greater Reality and is the most wonderful and fulfilling kind of love.

It is still not enough, though, because we are human. Even experiencing that incredible place of oneness that the Yogis speak of, we are still left with a longing for the human experience of love, the closeness of a companion, the warmth of a community. Having experienced the transcendental state of love many times, I’ve come to believe that to truly transform as humans, to be truly enlightened, we must experience both of these types of love—the divine love and the human love.  To deny oneself of one or the other is like eating a piece of cake while taking off all the frosting; you don’t really get to enjoy the pleasure of the full cake.

The idea that human love is not as holy as divine love has led us to believe that we are not capable of loving each other with the complete capacity with which we can love the Father God or the Mother Divine. But if we are in fact divine beings, if we are in fact made in the image of God, then as we love one another in our humanness, this love is also capable of being a divine love, because we are divine beings, created from divine light in a divinely human form.

Love Is the Myriad of Experience

Love is like a diamond of rainbow colors. Each facet is beautiful.  Sometimes you can step back and see the entire diamond and say, “Oh yes, there are many beautiful facets.” Then, sometimes you’re inside the diamond; you’re inside one facet or another. These are the different aspects and experiences of love. Each experience is important. Each facet as part of the whole creates the diamond’s brilliance. Love is like that.

Love Is Clarity of Consciousness

Clarity of consciousness is like clear water. It’s a superconductor. It is a carrier of frequency, and love is a frequency.

Love Is Intimacy

At its core, human love is about becoming truly intimate with another and understanding the other person. When you love someone, you desire to love them the way they want to be loved. There is a learning curve to this. But you want to put in the time and the effort because, well, you love the other person.

Love Requires Maturity

It takes a mature person to see, know, feel and sustain true love. Love requires contemplation and reflection. Was I my most loving self today? How can I love better?

Love Requires Wisdom

Without wisdom, love breaks. Unlike the diamond, love is fragile, even the divine love. Without constant practice, communion with the divine slips away like a glove in the night.

Wisdom keeps the enemy of love, the ego mind, at bay, ensuring your love is sustained and nurtured to grow and grow.

To have a fulfilling experience here in this human world we require both kinds of love: the divine communion and the human communion. It is that simple. Yet, it is that complex. We are the complicated diamond of 8 billion facets attempting to love the best we know how. And that is where “the one are many and the many are one” gets complicated.

Clarity of love is the love divine that drives us on our journey to become more than we ever thought we could be.  Love.

Human love, the touch of the senses, the support of one to another – this ultimately is the love that will heal our world.  To experience divine love is to know how to give human love.  And this is how we create love.


Deirdre HadeDeirdre Hade is a mystic, artist and visionary elucidating the spiritual world.


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