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The Unfinished Book About Who We Are? by Joseph Rain

Everybody worries about something. We worry about the children, the house, the job, the spouse, our health, the holidays, our parents, friends, the car, what the neighbours will say, what comments we get on social media, or we just worry about worry. Without knowing, we are subconsciously swimming in worry!

But it’s normal to worry, right? Everybody does it. It’s only human. So, we intuitively find something to worry about. We convince ourselves that we care, that we are passionate, responsible and alive, and so we worry.

Yet, if given a choice, we’d all prefer not to worry. Is that even possible? Perhaps not entirely, but we can substantially reduce it. To do this, we must address the causes of worry, rather than treat the effects (stress).

This has been my mission in life. Not to fill my head with data of results, like psychologists love to do (and happily charge for it). But to understand and apply data responsibly and efficiently; to address the causes with a view to preventing the effects, therefore, co-creating a more meaningful reality for myself and the people around me.

It was Einstein who pointed out that “any fool can know. The point is to understand.” So please, take a moment to understand that, which worries. That is the so-called Self, who you are. But who are you? And what is worry?

For the purposes of this article let’s define who you are (the so-called Self) as a flow of awareness. So, to worry it means to focus your awareness on the expectation of possible pain as if pain is already happening. In other words, to worry implies that you can know the future.

Yet, anybody who examines the truth, openly and sincerely, will have to conclude that the only reality that we can truly know is happening right here, right now, this moment. You know this moment. That’s all. Nobody can truly know the future.

And so, I ask you: Who are you to worry? Who are you to suggest that you can predict the future? Who are you to dismiss the most basic laws of the universe? Who are you to par with God?

But you will say; I’m a responsible individual and so I worry. It’s the best way to prevent bad things from happening. Right? Certainly not.

To be a responsible person it means to be response-able. To be responsible it means to be capable of responding to situations intentionally, efficiently, and meaningfully. It means to be able to co-create a reality, that is better now than what it was before. Yes, the future is coming. But worrying about it makes no sense what-so-ever.

What can we deduce from these facts?

  1. Nobody can predict the future, so worry makes no sense until something has happened. Every situation demands an appropriate response or right action. This, in turn, requires right awareness, concern, right information, certainly not worry!
  2. You are a response-able being, which means you have the power to choose how you will respond in any given situation. Be vigilant, take interest, learn about the world, promote personal growth, but diminish worry. Why? Because worry will only slow down your many wonderful abilities: the infinite potential within.
  3. You are an expression of the infinite potential, the same potential that propels and defines the world and the laws of nature. This means you have the power to co-create the reality you want to experience.

There are only 2 types of reality: First is powered by growth and second by demise. The choice is yours. Choose growth! Growth comes from right action and right action comes from right awareness. Worry diminishes your ability to grow and to respond to situations with right awareness. This is the simplified understanding of then greater truth.

Those of you, who hate philosophical interpretations of the one truth, will simply disregard what is being explained here, and you will go on doing the same things you always did. And when you meet people who don’t worry, you may label them as cold, uncaring and irresponsible.

However, I’m hoping that some of you will study the greater truth and embrace the infinite potential within, and start making this world a better place for all. Understanding worry will substantially improve your relationships with the world and especially with the Self. Conquering worry is an important step you must take toward re-discovering who you truly are.

PS: Of course, we all worry. It happens instinctively. But make it a habit to worry about things that you can control or influence. If you do, then worry will become responsible concern and your actions a reflection of your true inner potential.

Joseph RainJoseph Rain is an entrepreneur who doesn’t associate with nationality, race, religion, or class. Calling himself a citizen of the world, he believes in one religion: humanity. The culmination of all his experiences, self-education and self-reflection is The Unfinished Book About Who We Are? Book One: First Steps to Self-Discovery, which combines science, philosophy, religion, and spirituality.



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